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King Shark in Aquaman v8 #32.

King Shark is a male supervillain that features in DC Comics.




King Shark vs. Superboy in Superboy v4 #9.

Nanaue was a male being tied to Hawaiian legend as being the son of the Shark-God who was the King of all Sharks. (Superboy v3 #9) Lord Chondrakha was the God of All Sharks who was noted to had many sons all of whom had come to an unpleasant end. (Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis v1 #47) He came down from his throne and went before the mortal woman Kaikea where he seduced her. Through their mating, she bore him his son Nanaue who was destined for a great purpose in the future where the Shark-God promised that in time he would be known as King Shark. Before departing, he bade her to protect their son and that he in turn would protect her. (Superboy v3 #9)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Nanaue was said to be the son of an ancient Hawaiian god named Kamo. Years ago Amanda Waller came to learn of the legends surrounding a shark god in the region of Hawaii and took a team to investigate. The found Kamo who had lived for many years with sacrifices of women given to him all of whom he had devoured. With a creature of such power, Waller sensed an opportunity and sought to capture the deity with her succeeding though she lost many agents. Before departing the island, she took one of Kamo’s young offspring and destroyed his lair with the child being an infant Nanue. Whilst his father was locked away, Nanue became the first child born in Belle Reve with him being unaware of his origins. (Suicide Squad v4 #26)


Personality and attributes

King Shark.

Powers and abilities


  • King Shark was created by Karl Kesel where he made his first appearance in Superboy v4 #0 (October, 1994).

In other media


  • In Batman: Assault on Arkham, King Shark appeared in the animated film where he was voiced by actor John DiMaggio. He was shown being in a motel with strung up corpses where he bathed in a tub of blood and displayed human eating tendencies. At some point, he was captured in a raid by forces under orders from Amanda Waller who forcibly inducted him into the Suicide Squad. He awoke meeting his fellow squad mates and attempted to eat Killer Frost but she managed to beat him up. This led to them developing a strange friendship in the course of their assignment as they all learnt that they had been implanted with micro-explosives to enforce compliance. They were deployed to Gotham City to terminate the Riddler where King Shark demonstrated a fear of heights as they broke into Arkham Asylum. Instead of killing him, the Suicide Squad forced his aid as they discovered the reason for the termination order a because Riddler knew how to disable the explosives on them. During the Riddler's attempt to remove the bomb on him, Amanda Waller learnt what the villains were trying to do and activated the kill switch which terminated Killer Shark.

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