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Knockout is a female comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Knockout was a female member of the race of New Gods who was native to the dark world of Apokolips. She grew up on that planet where she was taken in by Granny Goodness and went through training to become part of the Female Furies. During this time, Granny showed extra-attention to Knockout during her Special Powers Training in order for her to earn her strip as a Fury. An attempt was made to break her iron will and she was sent to Inner-Circle Solitary that were cells scraped in the walls of a Fire-Pit. For an unknown length of time, she remained chained there when she witnessed someone appear before her asking her to choose and then disappearing into the flame. Knockout thought this was a fever dream and paid it no mind with her earning Granny's forgiveness leading to her return into the Female Furies ranks. Sometime afterwards, she came to learn that Big Barda had defected from the Furies with this making Knockout think about the element of choice and freedom. She was disciplined again for disobedience and chained up in the Inner-Circle Solitary where she once more beheld a person asking her to choose and she broke from her chains with her falling into the fire. It was then that she was transported to Earth in the lands of Hawaii. (Superboy v3 #25)


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  • Knockout was created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett where she made her first appearance in Superboy v3 #1 (February, 1994).

In other media


  • In Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Knockout appeared in the animated film where she was voiced by actor Cissy Jones. She was said to had been an inhabitant of Apokolips who left her homeworld for Earth where she at some point met Scandal Savage and the two became lovers. The pair were assigned missions by Vandal Savage who first sent them to acquire the 'Get Out of Hell Free' Card from the Tower of Fate where they found Steel Maxum to be the civilian persona of Doctor Fate. Knockout seduced her target whilst Scandal stole the card whereupon they escaped the tower. Afterwards, they went to get Professor Pyg but were pursued by the Suicide Squad.


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