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Lar Gand is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




He was a native of the planet Daxam where years ago he made a flight to Krypton. During the journey, his vessel suffered engine failure causing him to crash on Krypton which was where he met and befriended Jor-El. Both Jor-El and Lara came to care for their guest as he was with them whilst his vessel was being repaired. By this point, Krypton was facing impending destruction with Jor-El and Lara sending the Daxamite away on his repaired ship. Thus, he was launched from the planet and sent on a course to the next inhabited world which was Earth. (Superboy v1 #89)


After being freed from the Phantom Zone, Mon-El took sometime to consider his next course of action as he had not considered where to go or what to do if he ever left that other dimension. It was then that Superman asked him to stay in Metropolis as its new protector whilst he himself was going to New Krypton. Mon-El accepted and with the aid of James Harper, he was provided a new identity as Jonathan Kent with a cover story of being a British Interpol agent who was recruited by the Science Police. During this time, he was assigned as a partner to Billy Harper who was the great-grand niece of James Harper that was the original Guardian. (Superman v1 #686)

He was approached by Donna Troy about joining the newest incarnation of the Justice League. (Justice League of America v2 #41)



Personality and attributes

Superboy came to initially believe that the Daxamite was his brother from clues on his person after Gand suffered from amnesia. During this time, he was given the name of Mon-El based on the fact that he was found on a Monday and that El was the name of his Kryptonian family. The Kents later provided him a civilian guise to live as their adoptive child where he was given the name of Bob Cobb. (Superboy v1 #89) When operating as Metropolis's superhero, he made a civilian identity of Jonathan Kent where it was claimed that he was a former British Interpol agent who began to work for the Science Police. (Superman v1 #686)

During their time together, he came to consider Superboy as his brother. (Superboy v1 #89)

Powers and abilities

As a Daxamite, he was not vulnerable to Kryptonite which had adverse effect on Kryptonians. Lead by comparison caused terrible molecular changes to his body and destroyed the use of his super-powers. (Superboy v1 #89)


  • Lar Gand was created by Robert Bernstein and George Papp where he made his first appearance in Superboy v1 #89 (June, 1961).
  • The character was based on Superboy who was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Supergirl, Mon-El featured as a regular in the live-action television second season series where he was portrayed by actor Chris Wood. He was revealed to be a Daxamite where he served as a palace guard to the great royal family of Daxam. After Krypton's destruction, Daxam's surface was ravaged by the resulting catastrophe and during the disaster Mon-El moved to save the Prince. He found a Kryptonian pod and intended to put the wounded Prince inside but the royal tricked Mon-El into the pod where he was sent into space. A sleeping Mon-El was unaware of the fate of Daxam with his craft sent towards Earth where it was discovered by Supergirl. On Earth, Winn Schott created a civilian identity for Mon-El who had the fake name of Mike Matthews along with a fake social security number.


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