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Zora Vukovic is a female comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Victorious in Fantastic Four v6 #8.

Zora Vukovic was a female human born in the modern age as a citizen of the nation of Latveria. During this time, the country's leader Doctor Doom had stood down from leadership allowing a dictator to rise to power where he declared himself President-for-Life. Thus, the people came to suffer under the tyrant's hands and it was in this time that Vukovic's daughter joined the resistance in opposing them. One day, she witnessed a light at Castle Doom and went to see if Latveria's beloved ruler had returned. Initially, she was beset upon by Doombots but demanded to see their master where she met Victor Von Doom who had indeed returned to his homeland. She came to inspire him to reclaim his former position and reminded him that the people of Latveria loved him with them gladly following him once again. Thus, he resumed the mantle of Doctor Doom where Zora stood by his side as he reclaimed his homeland and dispatched the forces of the tyrant ruling it. (Fantastic Four v6 #1)

This involved using a variation of the Power Cosmic which was used to empower Zora. (Fantastic Four v6 #7) Thus, he had her transformed and imbued with superpowers where he crafted her the identity of Victorious. In the battle, Zora was deployed to fight against the Devourer of Worlds but Doctor Doom redirected her to intercept the Fantastic Four who were arriving in Latveria at that moment. This saw her destroying the Fantasti-car and battling Johnny Storm the Human Torch. Despite his skill, he was defeated by Victorious who then moved back to help her master against Galactus. (Fantastic Four v6 #6) She was then captured by Galactus who was drawn by the cosmic energies that empowered her though this was to draw him into a trap. Doctor Doom then unleashed his robots and array of defences that succeeded in capturing the World Devourer. (Fantastic Four v6 #7)

She later accompanied her Lord Doom during a visit to the Latverian Embassy in North America when her master detected the intrusion of the Invisible Woman. The building was then attacked by a higher dimensional being called the Cormorant though Victorious was told to stand down as Doctor Doom destroyed the target of interest to the alien being. Afterwards, the creature targeted the Baxter Building and levelled the entire building as it discovered Container Zero and incidentally released the Zero Force. This pre-primordial power threatening to consume all of existence with both Doom and Richards unable to stop its expansion. It was the arrival of Valeria Richards and her new tele-pod design that as able to use the Zero Force as a power source. This led to the creation of the Forever Gate that was a link to any point in space-time and the importance of this gateway meant that it needed to be protected from danger. As a result, Doctor Doom placed Zora in charge of the Latverian Embassy and represent his interests on matters relating to the Forever Gate with Victorious accepting the assignment. (Fantastic Four v6 #25)


Personality and attributes

After being given superpowers, she was given the identity of Victorious and served as the Herald of Doom. (Fantastic Four v6 #6)

She considered herself to be a proud daughter of Doomstadt. (Fantastic Four v6 #6)

Powers and abilities

Originally, she was an ordinary human being until she underwent an experiment made by Doctor Doom who gave her superpowers. (Fantastic Four v6 #6) She was actually empowered by a version of the Power Cosmic which gave her a variety of abilities. (Fantastic Four v6 #7) This included super-strength, greater endurance, flight and the ability to project powerful energy blasts. She was typically seen wielding a staff into battle that she used to fight her foes. (Fantastic Four v6 #6)


  • Zora Vukovic was created by Dan Slott and Simone Bianchi where she made her first appearance in Fantastic Four v6 #1 (October, 2018).

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Future Fight, Zora Vukovic appeared in the setting of the mobile video game. Her backstory referenced her being a freedom fighter who sought Doctor Doom to return to the throne and he transformed her into his superpowered agent known as Victorious.


  • Fantastic Four v6: (2018)
  • Doctor Doom v1:

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