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The Venom symbiote in Superior Spider-Man v1 #23.

Venom is an extraterrestrial comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Flash continued his search for the Symbiote and managed to learn that his former partner was with Eddie Brock who was at Alchemax. Whilst Eddie was there, Flash broke into the facility and attempted to convince Venom to rejoin with him leading to the Symbiote torn between the two hosts. Spider-Man arrived and believed the Symbiote was dangerous with him seeking to destroy it. He made use of Dr. Steve's astrobiological serum in an effort to kill Venom with the material being toxic to the Symbiote. Both Eddie and Flash were exposed to the serum with it bonding with Thompson turning him into the new Anti-Venom whilst Brock was severely weakened. (Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha v1 #1) Weakened, Flash was able to take the Symbiote from Brock but was unable to hold onto Venom as Thompson's touch was now toxic to the organism due to having the powers of Anti-Venom. As such, he used a container to hold Venom and left Alchemax with the intention of somehow finding a way to re-bond with his former partner despite the warnings from Spider-Man. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #792)

With Spider-Man facing the threat of the Red Goblin, J. Jonah Jameson decided that Peter needed a Symbiote of his own to battle Norman Osborn. Thus, he tracked down Eddie Brock and convinced him to lend his aid. As Venom, he arrived to protect Mary Jane Watson from Osborn who had arrived to kill her but was wounded in the fight. To give Spider-Man a chance, Brock had Venom bond with the Wall-Crawler so that he would have sufficient power to fight the Red Goblin. Despite this advantage, he was unable to defeat Norman but instead decided to use Osborn's ego at being the one to defeat Spider-Man by convincing him that the two should fight without their Symbiotes. This allowed the Venom Symbiote to depart where it returned back to Eddie after Osborn was defeated. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #800)

When the Maker intended to exhume Flash Thompson's remains, the Venom Symbiote reacted violently to protect his former hosts body and attacked the villain. During this time, the codex fragment of Thompson's memory imprint was smashed and absorbed into the Symbiote allowing for Flash's persona to temporarily take over Eddie Brock's body where together they worked to escape the Maker's laboratory. Over time, the persona imprint was burnt out and disappeared from the Symbiote's form but it allowed Eddie to escape whereupon he paid respects to Flash Thompson's grave. (Venom v4 #8)


The Symbiote was said to had always liked Flash Thompson the best and cared for him deeply. (Venom v4 #8)


  • Peter Parker :
  • Eddie Brock :
  • Mac Gargan :
  • Flash Thompson :
  • Lee Price : a dark haired male born in Queens, New York who witnessed his mother being constantly beaten up by his father and was himself brutally bullied as a child. He befriended a pyrokinetic Mutant boy who razed the apartment complex he lived in that accidently killed his mother. Lee was abandoned by his father and went into protective services for five years until he decided to become an Army Ranger. He suffered an injury from a mine explosion that took two fingers from his left hand leading to him being discharged. As a result, he was sent back home as a disabled veteran but struggled in getting benefits or employment leading to him engaging in criminal activities. He bonded to the Venom symbiote and brutalised it into following his commands despite its reluctance in becoming a villain. (Venom v3 #1)


  • The Alien Costume design was created by Randy Schueller but Venom was developed by David Michelinie, Mike Zeck and Todd McFarlane where the Alien Costume debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man v1 #252 (May, 1984) before it first appeared as Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man v1 #300 (May, 1988).

Alternate Versions

  • In Wolverine v3 #66 (2008), an alternate version of the Venom Symbiote was shown in the world designated as Earth-807128. This version was shown to be without a host and inhabited the Wastelands where it bonded to various beings and went on a murderous rampage.
  • In Venom 2099 v1 #1 (2019), an alternate version of the Venom Symbiote was shown in the world of Marvel 2099. This version was taken by the Alchemax corporation who studied it and divided the Symbiote into its constituent parts. These were then used as part of the corporation's All-Cure product line that was hailed as a miracle drug able to heal all injuries. One of the test subjects was Alea Bell who suffered from bad burns with the drug healing her but the Symbiote piece within her wanted her to reunite its scattered parts. Thus, she broke into Alchemax and the Symbiote was reconstituted whereupon it killed the scientist studying it but not before forcing him to dlete all data on it from the company's computers.

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Venom appeared in a number of episodes in the animated television series where it was voiced by actor Christopher Daniel Barnes
  • In Spider-Man, the Venom Symbiote appeared in the animated television series starting in the episode "A Day in the Life" where it was discovered in a space expedition with it being designated as V-252. The substance was brought to Horizon Labs for study with Max Modell being unaware that it was a living organism. During study of it, Peter Parker bonded with it where it became his living costume when he operated as Spider-Man. It was discovered that the organism was making Spider-Man more aggressive and violent with him ultimately deciding to abandon using the suit after he learnt it was vulnerable to sonic attacks. It was later taken as Horizon's prize project at the Stark Expo where Spider-Man used it to help him in a fight against the Ghost but then had others help him in taking it off him. The V-252 was taken by Iron Man for safekeeping but a piece of it bonded to Flash Thompson where it remained in hiding. It eventually gained control over him when he was asleep where it transformed him into Venom that did not trigger Spider-Man's Spider-Sense. Venom would attack people that Flash was angry with leading to a number of confrontations with Spider-Man. The Symbiote later took over Thompson during his football game with Spider-Man separating Venom from the host but it bonded to others until the pair used fire extinguishers to freeze the organism. The remaining pieces of the Symbiote were taken by Max Modell to Horizon High for safekeeping.


Video games


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