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The Legion of Monsters are a team that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Legion of Monsters were various monsters that banded together to become heroes to protect their kind on Earth.

The Red Hulk sought out Monster Metropolis for a means of curing him from an unseen spectral force that was haunting him. He was guided there by Doctor Strange where he encountered the Legion of Monsters. They were prepared for the Red Hulk's arrival with N'Kantu made as a means of containing the dark spirit. It was revealed that this was actually the dark shade of Doc Samson desperately trying to survive by feeding on Red Hulk's gamma energy. The Legion prepared a device to contain him but being pulled between Red Hulk's innate energy absorption powers and the device the spirit of Dark Samson was destroyed in the process. Doctor Strange consoled everyone that the entity was simply the essence of the darker nature of the true Doc Samson who resided elsewhere in the afterlife where he lived peacefully. (Hulk v2 #52)


In time, they came to become protectors of other monsters of the world. Monsters claimed that their persecution was different from Mutants as they did not desire to be martyrs or invite conflict or be heroes to a world that hated and feared them. They claimed that they would fight for the good of man when necessary but that they primarily wanted to be left alone. (Punisher v8 #12)

They later established Monster Metropolis as a beacon and safe haven from hunters of monsters. It eventually grew at an incredible rate until all the monsters from around the world came to reside there. (Punisher v8 #12)


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  • Man-Thing :
  • N'Kantu, the Living Mummy :
  • Satana :


  • The Legion of Monsters was created by Bill Mantlo, Frank Robbins and Steve Gan where they made their first appearance in Marvel Premiere v1 #28 (February, 1976).

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