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The Lilin are a demonic race that features in Marvel Comics.



The Lilin were the demonic children of the demoness known as Lilith.

Their mother Lilith came to be imprisoned within the body of the giant oceanic leviathan that went deep into the oceans of the world. In the aftermath, the Lilin scattered across the dimensions with those left behind either being killed or going into hiding. Some came to breed with humans thus creating future descendants of the original Lilin. In the centuries that followed, many of the surviving Lilin came to lose faith and believed their mother would never return to them. (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance v1 #1)

After Lilith was freed, she made the call for her children to gather and fall under her banner once more. Only Pilgrim answered the summons where he aided his mother in bringing the rest of her children under the fold. This led to an encounter with Blackout who was a descendant of the Lilin. (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance v1 #1)

Afterwards, Lilith found herself allied to Mephisto and resided within his realm which became embroiled in the War in Hell. This conflict erupted over the disappearance of Death leading to a battle for control over all the Hell dimensions. The Lilin served their mother in defending Mephisto where they emerged victorious against the forces of Satannish's Lethal Legion. (Deadpool vs. Thanos v1 #3)

Later on, the Mother of Demons made a bid for the throne of Hell after Mepisto was deposed from it and imprisoned in his Hotel Inferno in Las Vegas. She then sought to remove Johnny Blaze from his position as the King of Hell with her bringing the Lilin to aid her. (Ghost Rider v9 #5)


This race of vampiric demons possessed magical abilities that made them formidable opponents and were born either through the use of the souls of the dead or through normal conception by their mother. Some Lilin could mate with Humans producing Lilin-Human hybrids. The more Lilin that were created the stronger their mother became and she was known to devour some of them in order to replenish her strength.


  • Bad Timing :
  • Blackout :
  • Bloodthirst :
  • Creed :
  • Dark Legion :
  • Doc :
  • Fang :
  • Girth :
  • Infinks :
  • Meatmarket :
  • Nakota :
  • Outcast :
  • Parasite :
  • Pilgrim :
  • Pixil :
  • Scatter : a money-like Lilin which caused anything to scatter around him such as thoughts, mists and even alliances. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #60)
  • Short Circuit :
  • Sister Nil : a beautiful female Lilin with long black hair and pale skin who wore a dress with her having the power to kill anyone being she touched who aged to their death. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #60)
  • Skinner :
  • Skitter :
  • Spitfire :
  • Vandella : a pale skinned red-eyed female Lilin. (Ghost Rider v9 #5)
  • Helvira : a pale skinned red-eyed female Lilin. (Ghost Rider v9 #5)
  • Mara : a pale skinned red-eyed female Lilin. (Ghost Rider v9 #5)


  • The Lilin were created by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert where they made their first appearance in Ghost Rider v3 #28 (August, 1992).
  • They were based on the Lilin of Mesopotamian and Jewish mythology.


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