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Millennium Organization is a terrorist organization that features in Hellsing.



The Millennium Organization which was also known as the 'Millennium Order of the Third Reich was a Nazi body that was formed before the end of World War II. It was founded by Adolf Hitler who was the head of Germany at the time and made a special order known as Hitler Special Order #666 which formed Millennium as a top secret project. The name was based on the "Thousand Year Reich" with Germany being the Empire of the Millennium that sought the order of a thousand year kingdom which plunged the entire world into a global war. Once formed, it was created to research and study supernatural phenomena in order to find a means of using them for military purposes. The head of the organization was a former first lieutenant of the SS known only as The Major who intended to create artificial vampires that would fight for Germany against the Allies and thus win the war. By the closing stages of World War II, the project was based at Warsaw, Poland where Millennium continued with its assigned duty. However, in 1944, they were attacked by the Hellsing Organization who deployed their two top agents; Walter C. Dornez and Alucard attacked the facility as well as destroyed it thus seemingly bringing about the end of the Nazi's plans to generate artificial vampiric soldiers. Shortly afterwards, the war in Europe was lost and Germany was defeated as a result.

A fact not known to many was that the Millennium Organization had survived the destruction of the Poland base and instead took many of their remaining members to flee into South America where they re-established a base of operations in Brazil. Most of the members remained in South America where they had a battalion of 1,000 Waffen-SS volunteers known as the Letztes Bataillon (Last Battalion) that were a secret weapon to be used in a future conflict. They also had with them a large hoard of valuables taken from victims of the Holocaust alongside other weapons from Nazi Germany including V-1 flying bombs, V-2 rockets and advanced Zeppelins. Millinieum soldiers are overall, equipped with World War 2-era German weapons including Kar98 bolt-action rifles, MP40s, STG-44s, Stick grenades, Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks. From there, the group continued with their original research and objective with the aim of bringing about their return in future years. There, they remained for the following millennia where they managed to perfect the process by the end of the 20th century by creating microchips that were surgically implanted into the body of a human. These chips transformed the subject into what was known as a FREAK who were artificial vampires formed from the blood of a vampire serving as a source code within the chips.

Millennium initially stayed hidden in the shadows, first by observing the Hellsing organization's capabilities by attacking it with ghouls (and devastating it in the process). The invasion of London began after occupying a Royal Navy carrier (which in turn was destroyed by Alucard), arriving at the city at night. Unbeknownst to the civilian population, Millennium also jammed the entire British military's communications, rendering them unable to respond nor even know what was going on. V1 and V2 bombs were shot all over London as hundreds of Nazi troops descended from the Zeppelins, massacring everyone in sight. British police officers attempted to fight back though were quickly wiped out as ordinary bullets had minimal effects on the vampire soldiers. Sir Integra Hellsing was also pursued by a Millennium team though the chase was a failure when Father Anderson and a force of paladins arrived in the nick of time, wiping out the vampire soldiers in seconds. The organization then attacked Integra Hellsing's mansion under the command of Zorin, though the attack was initially a disaster, Seras Victoria having shot down their Zeppelin with AA cannons. Despite this, the survivors continued to attack, only to fall into a minefield set up by Captain Pip's Wild Geese troops. Ultimately, the Millennium forces were able to bypass the minefield and kill all of the Wild Geese (including Pip Bernadotte) a but a handful though in turn, were wiped out by Seras Victoria who also managed to kill Zorin Blitz in a brutal duel. While in London, Millennium found itself facing another enemy: the Iscariot Organization led by Archbishop Enrico Maxwell, which arrived with a far larger army backed up with gunships. Both forces engaged in a fierce clash until the arrival of Alucard. By then, Millennium's manpower was largely depleted, numbering only 572 troops. Much of the survivors were then wiped out by Alucard's undead army along with the Iscariot knights. Yet Walter C. Dornez is revealed to have sided with Millennium since 1944 and has now become a Vampire. Though formidable, especially after was de-aged to his physical prime, his body was unstable and ultimately proved to be no match for Alucard. Seras Victoria and The Captain fought, and with the aid of Pip Bernedotte, Seras was able to kill the Captain. Integra finds the Major in his room and explains that Alucard was about to be erased, after absorbing so many souls of people who died at London. Schrödinger who commits suicide is absorbed by Alucard and caused him to disappear for 30 years. Integra and Seras kills the Major. The only ones left were The Doctor and Walter. Walter realizes that Millennium's research was Mina Harker and they used her remains to create vampires and Walter said that everything was just an imitation of Alucard and kills The Doctor and allowing himself to burn inside the Zeppelin. Alucard returns by killing all his souls except his own and that of Schrödinger, and now he's everywhere and nowhere. Millennium at the end proved to be a fool's dream as no survivors were shown and instead created a vampire that can almost truly match Alucard, Seras, who has Integra's faith into humanity, as well as Alucard gaining access to Schrödinger's abilities.


Whilst initially tasked with simply finding a means to create artificial vampires for use in World War II, following the defeat of Nazi Germany the Millennium Organization possessed no clear goal. According to the Major, their only purpose was simply to wage war and create conflict. However, to his troops, it was stated that their operations were done so in order to exact vengeance for the defeat of Germany in World War II and the massacre suffered at their base in Poland. This revenge based objective was strictly against the United Kingdom and the Hellsing Organization in particular. Whilst this was stated, a more secret goal of the Major was to sacrifice everyone in order to kill the vampire Alucard.


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  • Millennium were antagonists in the setting of Hellsing where they were created by Kouta Hirano.
  • Though a major antagonist in the Manga and in the animated Hellsing Ultimate OVA series, Millennium does not appear in the anime show though many of their goals as well as actions are conducted by the vampire Incognito.


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