Cass Blaine

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Cass Blaine

Cass Blaine was the niece of Sylvia Grantham, great niece of Bedelia Grantham, great great niece of Nathan Grantham, and sister of Richard Grantham. Sometime during the seven years after Nathan's murder at the hands of Bedelia, Cass married Hank Blaine, whom none of her family seemed to like. When on Father's Day Hank went missing whilst searching for the missing Aunt Bedelia, and then when Aunt Sylvia went missing looking for Hank, Cass managed to persuade Richard to go with her to look for them. In the kitchen they discovered an undead, rotting Nathan carried Aunt Sylvia's severed head on a platter, enthusing how he finally got his Father's Day cake.


  • Cass appeared in Father's Day.
  • Cass and Richard's fate is left unrevealed at the conclusion of Father's Day. However, the Creep's narration in the comic book adaptation implies that Nathan killed them shortly afterward.
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