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Nekron in Blackest Night v1 #5.

Nekron is a cosmic being who features in DC Comics.



Early existence


One account held him as being one of the entities that embodied the concept of 'death' that included Death herself and the Black Racer. (Captain Atom v2 #42)


During the banishment of Krona, his energy form somehow managed to reach the dimension of Krona due to a paradox forming over an immortal being within the Realm of the Dead. This led to a rift being created between dimensions and allowing Nekron to see the universe of the living where he desired it. However, as he was too large to pass through the rift, he decided on another way to accomplish his goal. He thus recreated Krona into a powerful undead being known as Entropy and gave him an army of similarly restored spirits who were sent to destroy the Guardians of the Universe in an effort to increase the tear between dimensions. Krona accepted this task as it involved the collapsing of the universe which would have allowed him to recreate the universe according to his own wishes thus allowing Krona to see the birth of creation once more.

After being dispatched into the realm of the living, Krona along with his army succeeded in killing some of the Guardians themselves as well as members of their Green Lantern Corps. He even succeeded in destroying the Central Power Battery to prevent the Green Lanterns from recharging their power rings. Whilst Krona's attack was powerful enough to shatter the morale of the Green Lantern Corps, it was the intervention of Hal Jordan which led to the rallying of the Green Lanterns against Krona's attack with the remaining power left within their rings. This counterattack led to Krona being defeated whereupon Jordan entered the realm of the dead where he incited a rebellion amongst the recently deceased Green Lanterns who fought against Nekron. This in turn gave the Guardians enough time to banish Krona from the realm of death thus closing the rift. At the time, Hal Jordan was still within the dead realm and faced entrapment within it but the spirit of his predecessor Abin Sur helped him escape it thus ending Nekron's plans. (Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #2)

Though his plan had failed, this was not the end of Nekrons attempts to take over the realm of the living. He later fought against Captain Atom in order to use the Quantum Field as a means through which he could pull the living world of mortals into his own dimension. This act would condemn all living beings to the Land of the Dead thus expanding Nekron's Limbo dimension. However, Captain Atom managed to defeat Nekron and was also able to visit his deceased wife in the process. (Captain Atom v1 #42 43) At one point, Nekron also battled the demon Neibros after the destruction of the Tower of Fate in order to gain control over the mortal plane but neither was able to achieve their goal.

Nekron once again attempted to enter into the mortal world after the destruction of the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. At this point, he imbued several power rings with the power of death and raised the corpses of the dead Green Lanterns to serve him. He nearly succeeded in reopening the rift between the dimensions but was defeated by the actions of the last Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner who pushed Nekron back into limbo whereupon he resealed the tear between dimensions. (Green Lantern Annual #7) Later, the young sorceress in training called Witchfire made use of a powerful spell at a concert in Boston which accidently summoned Nekron to Earth by creating a rift to his dimension. It was only through the actions of Wonder Woman working with Witchfire were they able to push the demon back to his realm and seal the rift.

Blackest Night

After the events of the Sinestro Corps War, events came into place where Nekron sought to bring about the prophecy known as the Blackest Night. His first action was to transform the Anti-Monitor into the Black Lantern Central Power Battery on the planet Ryut and spawned the Black Lantern Corps whose Power Rings fit onto the bodies of the deceased. Led by his servant, the rogue Guardian Scar and his herald, Black Hand, the undead Black Lanterns began a campaign of terrorising the living where they killed their victims in order to feed Nekron. When the power levels reached one hundred percent, Nekron emerged on Earth at Coast City and manifested the Black Lantern Central Power Battery where he reanimated the dead in the region and confronted Barry Allen telling him that his life along with all others belonged to the master of the Land of the Dead. (Blackest Night v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

It was said that Nekron represented death as a cosmic certainty and as the ultimate opponent. (Captain Atom v1 #42)

Powers and Abilities

It was shown that in the mortal world that he had a cult of worshippers known as the Dark Church of the Black Hand. (The Flash v5 #67)


  • Nekron was created by Mike W. Barr, Len Wein and Joe Staton where he made his first appearance in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps v1 #2 (June 1981).
  • Though not revealed initially, an interview with Geoff Johns revealed that the mastermind behind the Black Lanterns was, as some fans suspected, the demon Nekron. He also stated that Nekron plays a large part in the story as he was the reason why the Guardians decided to become protectors of life though he also stated that Nekron is not a villain as such but rather is existence.[1]

Alternate Versions

  • In Flashpoint: Abin Sur - The Green Lantern v1 #1 (2011), an alternate version of Nekron was shown to exist in the splintered timeline known as Flashpoint. It was shown that he was released into the cosmos after the death of William Hand thus unleashing his Black Lantern Corps on the universe.
  • In Green Lantern/Star Trek: The Spectrum War (2015), an alternate version of Nekron appeared in the cross over between the two franchises. During the Blackest Night, a different outcome was shown whereby Nekron won the conflict leading to the Oan Ganthet initiating the Last Light that spirited him along with a single member of each of the different Corps into the Star Trek universe. However, its revealed that Nekron also managed to follow them and manifested at the remains of Vulcan where he commanded its restoration as a Black Lantern with its inhabitants.
  • In Tales from the Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night v1 #1 (2019), an alternate reality was shown to exist within the Dark Multiverse showed a universe where the Black Lantern Corps dominated the cosmos. It was shown that during the Blackest Night that Sinestro decided not to share the White Light and was unable to defeat Nekron. This allowed the Lord of the Unliving to massacre his opponents including the Life Entity and began adding more undead into the ranks of the Black Lanterns.

In other media

Video games

  • In DC Universe Online, Nekron was introduced in the Blackest Night content in the MMORPG game where he was voiced by actor Ken Webster.
  • In DC Legends, Nekron appeared as the primary antagonist in the iOS mobile video game. Nekron the Lord of the Unliving was a powerful being from the Realm of the Dead with stories of him stating that he was older than the universe itself with him being mentioned in the Book of Oa. He commanded the Black Lanterns and subverted the Manhunters to attack the universe with tears into the Void for his forces to strike against the living. Nekron manifested on Oa Guardian Council Chambers where he revealed that he had taken the Guardians of the Universe into the darkness and was planning on entering the mortal realm.
  • In Injustice 2, Nekron was mentioned in dialogue interactions in the fighting video game.


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