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Nero is a male film character who features in Star Trek.




After witnessing the destruction of Romulus in 2387 - along with his wife Mandana and unborn child - he is driven mad with murderous rage towards Spock and the Federation. In the wake of his planet's destruction, Nero attacked Spock's ship, but he and Spock were sucked into a black hole, catapulting them 154 years in the past, on stardate 2233.04. Upon reaching the past, the Narada is greeted by the Kelvin, a Federation vessel investigating the lightning storm the Narada's entry had caused. He immediately attacks the ship with weaponry that, though virtually obsolete at his time, proved devastating to the Kelvin, but before destroying it, he ordered the ship's captain come to the Narada to gain information. After learning his ship had been thrown into the past, robbing him of his revenge on Spock, Nero kills the captain in rage and orders the Kelvin destroyed. But, due to the efforts of Acting Captain George Kirk, most of the crew are evacuated, including Kirk's wife and newborn son. In a final gambit, Kirk rams the Narada, but fails to destroy it.

Nero spent the next twenty-five years repairing the ship and awaiting the arrival of Spock, plotting his vengeance against him and the Federation. Nero was, at some point during this time, involved in an attack on a Klingon prison planet and, using the Narada, destroyed 47 Warbirds. During his time on the prison planet, Nero sustained an injury to his right ear. When Spock arrived through the black hole in 2258, Nero captured Spock's ship, along with an entire compartment full of Red Matter inside. Rather than kill Spock, however, Nero abandons him on Delta Vega so he could witness the destruction of Vulcan from the planet's surface, killing the past version of Spock's mother in the process and creating a divergent timeline. Nero then moves on to destroy Earth in a mad, genocidal bid to alter the future and severely cripple the United Federation of Planets. However, Kirk and Spock manage to steal Ambassador Spock's ship, which contains the Red Matter, a substance that can create artificial black holes which was used to destroy Vulcan. Spock rams it into the Narada, releasing the Red Matter and creating a black hole inside the ship. Refusing the help Kirk offered him, Nero dies as his ship is ripped apart.


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  • Nero was portrayed by actor Eric Bana.

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