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Noah's Ark is an object that features in the anime/manga D.Gray-man.



Noah's Ark was a vessel that, according to biblical belief, was built 7,000 years ago by Noah under the direction of God. This was for Noah to savbe himself, his family and the world's animals when God sent the great flood to destroy all life on Earth for the wicked actions of mankind. The only survivors that were to be spared from the disaster were to be Noah and his loved ones after it was seen that Noah was a righteous man. The Ark was used by Noah and his family to create the second generation of humanity according to the members of the Noah Family who used it for generations.


Though stories told of it being a large boat, the actual Ark resembled a large white cube-shaped structure that made use of transdimensional technology which allowed users to create dimensional gateways both from and out of the construct. The cube contained a white mediterrainean city that was comprised of white buildings with a tower at the center that loomed over the rest of the settlement.


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