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The Norn Stones are artifacts that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Norn Stones were mystical artifacts that belonged to Karnilla and were used in many of Loki's schemes. They were at one time used by Sif.

The stone that Thor carried was dropped where it landed in jungle in Asia where it was picked up by switch doctor who was on the run from Communists. After picking it up, the relic empowered him and granted him great power that allowed him to repeal his attackers. The witch doctor than started taking the name Demon where he used the name the Communists called him. With his newfound power, the Demon came to believe that the gods desired him to rule and he used this power to turn a nearby tribe into his servants. (Journey into Mystery v1 #123)

During the Celestials attack on Super-Ego, Sif told Balder to use the Norn Stones to teleport them away as she desired to continue her search for the missing Thor. (Thor v1 #450)

When in Norman Osborn's hands, he was unable to use, move or even affect the Stones in any way.

After the depowerment of the Hood, Loki presented the Norn Stones to him in order to provide him new powers. (New Avengers v1 #56) He later reclaimed these Stones during the Siege of Asgard in order to give the Avengers a fighting chance against the Void.

The Hood made use of a Norn Stone to resurrect the recently deceased Hammerhead after he was killed by Willis Stryker. (Defenders v5 #8)

He came to acquire the Stones once again following the War of the Realms where he used them to animate a snowman that he called Frosti. The newly created being swore his life to King Loki and helped defend him from an attack by Nightmare. (Loki v3 #1)


As such, it granted the bearer's wishes for themselves making it a reality. It was said that the stones chose their host. (New Avengers v1 #56)

Individually, the stones were said to be incapable of affecting their environment but they had the power to transform the users own molecules in their body. This allowed them to turn the user into an intangible ghost or levitating and flying away. (Journey Into Mystery v1 #116)

According to Loki, the effects of the stones varied from one person to another as it largely depended on whether the Norn Stone accepted the user as well as allowed their desires.


  • The Norn Stones were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Journey Into Mystery v1 #116 (May 1965).

Alternate Versions

  • In Ultimate Comics: Thor (2010-2011), the Ultimate Marvel universe version of the Norn Stones were said to be extensions of All-Father Odin's power. They were stolen from Asgard by Loki who murdered Balder in order to take them as part of his scheme against the realm.

In other media


  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode "This Hostage Earth" the Norn Stones make an appearance where they were stolen from Karnilla by Amora the Enchantress with the aid of the Grey Gargoyle. The Stones were given to the Masters of Evil with the intention of using them to conquer the world but were actually being used by Loki to conquer Midgard only for them to be destroyed by the Avengers that sends the heroes to one of the Nine Realms. In "Acts of Vengeance" its revealed one of the Stones remained in Baron Zemo's possession who used it as a weapon against Amora only for it to be crushed by Wonder Man whilst within th Enchantress's hands. This act accidently transports her into the Nine Realms where she became a captive of Surtur.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, a stone of Norn was mentioned in the episode "Field Trip" where it was used by Loki to turn Thor into a frog. The episode "Itsy Bitsy Spider" saw another Norn Stone that was embedded in the chest of the Destroyer Armor that had fallen into the Hudson River. Spider-Man and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team of superheroes accidently touched it where they were transformed into Chibi toddlers. Afterwards, Loki used it to turn Thor into a Chibi style toddler as well and rewrite reality to turn himself into the older brother. He was defeated by the heroes where Spider-Man tricked him into touching the stone turning himself into a Chibi toddler.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, the Norn Stones appeared as a legendary item available to players in the MMORPG game. The description stated that the effects of the Stones varied from person to person depending on whether the relics accepted the user and their desires.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, the Norn Stones appeared in the mobile video game with them being upgrade items such as the Norn Stone of Chaos and also in the story mode. It was revealed that the Enchantress and Loki sought them out for his schemes but Amora betrayed him. At first, she took them to Malekith to use them to take control of Asgard but then departed as she joined her true ally namely Surtur.


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