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Omega Red in X-Men: Gold v2 #10.

Omega Red is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.




Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich

He was born to a peasant family with him having a brother named Vassily Rossovich. During his youth, his Mutant powers began to develop where he began to act out his more violent tendencies against the local wildlife or beggars on the streets. Eventually, his family came to realise that Arkady was a Mutant with them unsure on how to approach to handling him. (Weapon X v3 #20)

Gregorivich came to be a soldier in the Spetsnaz border guard commando unit where in his early years he was noted to had secretly killing young pretty girls with this being unnoticed. This was until he was transferred to an outpost in the Arctic Circle where his murders came to be witnessed among the small populace in the area. He was arrested by the Red Army where they took him into a windowless cell with him being shot in the head as part of his summary execution. However, he survived leading to the Soviets deciding that they had found a candidate that could be put through their Super-Soldier process. By this point, most of the candidates for the Soviet Super-Soldier program had been mediocre with few volunteers and a 95% death rate. In Arkady, they found a candidate capable of surviving the bio-engineering process and they deemed his anti-social violent traits as a boon to the program. (Maverick v1 #1) At some point prior to his transformation, he managed to escape where he continued his murders during the Cold War period. Arkady's murders were initially covered up by the Russian government as they sought to use him as their personal agent and in exchange they kept him anonymous to the point that he did not appear to exist to the public at large. The trial of murders came under investigate by a rogue Interpol agent by the name of Sean Cassidy who tracked down Arkady to a castle. The Mutant wanted a final showdown with his pursuer and goaded Cassidy into killing him but the Irish officer refused to be Arkady's executioner. During the encounter, fellow Interpol agent Magrite Devereaux was killed by Arkady's Death Spore virus with Cassidy failing to save the French policewoman. This led to him formally arresting Arkady with the intention of sending him to prison. However, after his arrest, Arkady was taken in by a special interest group that sought to transform his body into being their Mutant assassin. (Generation X v1 #11)

After his transformation into a supersoldier, Omega Red's body struggled to cope with his Death Factor and he required a Carbonadium Synthesiser to manage his biology. Thus, around 30 years ago, a scientist named Janice Hollenbeck was involved in the experiment though she did not approve of the project and wanted a rescue. At the time, the C.I.A. deployed their elite Team X squad with recovering her and the Synthesiser leading to Omega Red battling Wolverine, Sabretooth and Maverick. He failed to recover the device and the scientist Janice was killed by Victor Creed. (X-Men v2 #6)



The organization known as White Sky that created customisable assassins was responsible for using Arkady's genetic material to create the Omega Clan that were three siblings whose memories were implanted to make them believe that Wolverine had killed their parents. They were dispatched to kill Wolverine and his X-Force team who had come to their sky flying facility to shut it down. (Uncanny X-Force v1 #26)

Afterwards, a Bratva Pakhan by the name of Viktor Komolov had the body of Omega Red recovered and used his newly learnt skill in magic to resurrect Omega Red. Arkady was brought back to life but as the magic was not skilled this was only temporary with Rossovich being forced to use his Mutant power to drain life to sustain his own existence. (X-Men: Gold v1 #10) The X-Men later battled and defeated leading to his arrest with him being detained by S.I.C.K.L.E. (X-Men: Gold v1 #11) After his capture, he was enlisted into the service of the agency by his brother Vassily Rossovich who operated as Director of S.I.C.K.L.E. with Omega Red planned to be dispatched to eliminate a general that opposed the Russian anti-Mutant camps with him being sent to prison but arrangements were made for his escape. (Weapon X v3 #19) Omega Red was then kept at a Russian super-human prison located in Siberia where he killed the other in-mates at the Stranniy Corrective Labor Camp leading to a battle with Team Weapon X that were being led by Sabretooth. (Weapon X v3 #17) During his time there, his body had been injected with nanobots that controlled him and weakened him to the point that his life-draining powers were not sustaining him. Initially, he attacked Sabretooth and was ready to kill him until Creed saved his life whereupon he was recruited into Victor's iteration of Weapon X. (Weapon X v3 #18)


Personality and attributes

It was known that Arkady prior to his transformation was noted for being a serial killer that targeted young pretty girls who he killed. Though this eventually led to his arrest and summary execution it was the heads of the Soviet Super-Soldier Program that decided that his aggressive violent tendencies could be used to create their own Super-Soldier. (Maverick v1 #1) He was designed to had been the world's first supersoldier in service to Russia. (X-Men v2 #6)

He had a brother by the name of Vassily Rossovich who had become a high ranking figure in the Russian government. (Weapon X v3 #19) Arkady came to hate his brother and from a young age had practiced to kill him. (Weapon X v3 #20)

Powers and abilities

Using his tendrils in combat in Weapon X v3 #18.

He was able to emit deadly pheromones into the air that were part of his Death Factor. (X-Men v2 #6)

The coils that emerged from his wrists were made from Carbonadium that was described as a more malleable version of Adamantium. Though not as indestructible as the original, it served as a conduit for Arkady to use his Death Factor on his foes. (X-Men v2 #6)


  • Omega Red was created by Jim Lee and John Byrne where he made his first appearance in X-Men v2 #4 (January, 1992).

Alternate Versions

  • In X-Men '92 v2 #1 (2016), an alternate version of Omega Red was shown to be an inhabitant of the universe designated as Earth-92131. It was revealed that he was part of the Soviet Super-Soldier Program with his predecessor being Alpha Red who was the vampire Janus that was transformed by Soviet science alongside magic. However, he was uncontrollable leading to his imprisonment with Omega Red being created as his successor.

In other media


  • In X-Men, Omega Red appeared as an antagonist in the 1990 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Len Doncheff.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Omega Red appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series in the episode "Target X" where he was voiced by actor Richard Newman.


  • In Hulk Vs Wolverine, Omega Red appeared as an antagonist in the animated film where he was voiced by actor Colin Murdock.

Video games

  • In X-Men: Children of the Atom, Omega Red appeared as a playable character in the Capcom arcade fighting game where he was voiced by actor George Buza.


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