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Dracula, Lord of the Vampires in X-Men v3 #1.

Dracula is a male undead comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Dracula in Tomb of Dracula v1 #1.

Originally Vlad Dracula, who became a vampire, and lord of Castle Dracula. Dracula was the lord of all vampires, having gained that title by slaying the previous leader, Nimrod and one of the first vampires, Varnae, drinking both their blood. As a result, Dracula had greater powers than any other vampire. He eventually crossed the ocean to England, only to be chased back to Castle Dracula by Dr. Abraham van Helsing and company, then slain.

However, when his servant Madame Marguerita manipulated the recently revived Frankenstein's Monster into freeing Dracula's body after he was "slain" by Helsing's team, she was able to restore him to unlife. Dracula's first goal after his resurrection was vengeance- he slew van Helsing and his ally Jonathan Harker, though not before Harker had married Mina (one of Dracula's targets) and fathered a son, Quincy Harker.

During the first World War, Dracula transformed an Englishman named Lord John Falsworth into Baron Blood, and sent him to wreak havoc in Britain during that crucial era. After World War II, an adult Quincy organized a large task force to hunt down and destroy Dracula, prompting retaliation from the Count in the form of an attack on Quincy and his wife Elizabeth Harker. Both survived, but Elizabeth, tormented by nightmares of Dracula, committed suicide four years later.

Over the next several decades, Dracula made many more enemies, including the Indian Taj Nital, Vlad Dracula's only living descendant Frank Drake, Hannibal King, Rachel van Helsing, and Blade. These enemies joined a wheelchair-bound Quincy Harker in a war on Dracula, a war they finally won with his apparent destruction- at the cost of Quincy Harker's life.

Even so, Dracula was revived yet again, taking his revenge on Rachel van Helsing by transforming her into a vampire. Soon after, he began to find himself against mightier foes- including the X-Men and Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. A cult of Darkholders equalized the playing field, removing all of Dracula's vampiric weaknesses except for one- to the Montesi Formula. That magical formula was capable of destroying every vampire on Earth, and despite Dracula's attempts to stop them, Strange and the surviving enemies of Dracula were able to use the incantation. Dracula and every other vampire on Earth were annihilated.

Despite this seeming final death, Dracula was later resurrected by dark magics, in a new and terrifying form.

With the new Civil War raging and the M-Pox Crisis, Dracula sought to use the chaos to build his army in secret to conquer the world. This led to a battle with Old Man Logan and the Howling Commandos from the S.T.A.K.E. division. (Old Man Logan v2 #15)

Whilst among the Russians, he was brought before the Red Widow where he stated his desire that he would give them all the knowledge he possessed in exchange for living a quiet peaceful life. Dracula confessed that he had no desire to retake the throne of the vampires and had grown tired of the burden of leading his kind. Thus, he wanted the Russians to accommodate him by providing him a safe haven according to his terms. However, Red Widow decided to break his will by gathering his vampire concubines and executing them before him as she intended to extract this information forcibly from him with her government not intending to offer any deals with him. (Avengers v8 #16)

Within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, many vampires gathered to be added into the new shadow nation. However, Dracula refused to allow them entry with only those that stayed outside and allowed themselves to be suffer pain from sunlight being allowed entry into his kingdom. He was then offered advice from Baroness Blood who suggested that they seek allies to battle the Avengers. (Avengers v8 #32) In the aftermath, he began to have the vampires grow in numbers as humanity and challenge the newly formed Mutant nation of Krakoa. This saw him hiring Omega Red by offering him the Carbonadium Synthesizer in exchange for being spying on the Mutants. (Wolverine v7 #1)


Personality and attributes

He had stated that he was known by many names including Wallach, the Dragon and even as the Devil himself. Ultimately, he was the Nosferatu Wampir and as the Lord of the Vampires. (Generation X Annual v1 #1998)

Powers and abilities


  • Dracula was created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan where he made his first appearance in Tomb of Dracula v1 #1 (April, 1972).
  • The character was an adaptation and based on Dracula.

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Spider-Woman, Dracula appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series where he was in the episode "Dracula's Revenge" though it was not credited which actor voiced the character.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Dracula appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Corey Burton.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Dracula appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series where he was once again voiced by actor Corey Burton.
  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Dracula appeared as an antagonist in the animated television series where he was once more voiced by actor Corey Burton.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Dracula appeared as an antagonist in the setting of the Facebook video game. During the Special Operations - Eclipse Phase mission, its revealed that he had formed an alliance with Mephisto with the pair creating a mystical Eclipse that darkened the world allowing them to strike London and New York.


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