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Opal City in Catwoman v3 #23.

Opal City is a city that features in DC Comics.




Opal City was a settlement that was located in the region of Maryland in America on the planet Earth. (JLA v1 #115) Its establishment began first occurred in 1648 when Puritans and later Huguenot refugees arrived in-ward from the east-coast of America where they established the small town of Port O'Souls. From there, the site was developed into what became known as Opal City. (Starman Secret Files and Origins v1 #1)

Between 1909-1930, Opal went through a period of great expansion leading to spires along with streamlined wonders rising up from the original city. This leads to the older parts of the city being given the name of Old Town. (Starman Secret Files and Origins v1 #1)

Some months ago, a mysterious new Starman began to operate in Opal City where he responded to various incidents after which he always returned to the Sunshine Sanitorium. Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite investigated the event where the new Starman requested their help as he knew nothing of his past but came to realise that he was suffering from a mental disorder. (Justice Society of America v3 #1)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.

Whilst searching for Hunter Zolomon, the Flash came upon the Dark Church of the Black Hand where he helped defeat the cult. (The Flash v5 #67)


Locations in the city included:

  • 5 Point Radio Building :
  • Opal Electric :
  • Port Authority :
  • Rougeablea Bridge :
  • Meskin Medical :
  • Opal City Opera House :
  • Xi-Lan Hotel :
  • Fattata Plaza :
  • The Beauveau :
  • Whistler Building :
  • Camelot :
  • Central OCPD Precinct :
  • Sloane Building :
  • Sloane Tower :
  • Chowder District :
  • Goodwin Hall :
  • Tyler Pharmaceuticals :
  • Gladstone Towers :
  • Ells School of Art and Design :
  • Opal Mirror :
  • Time Warner Building :
  • Sunshine Sanitorium : a mental health institution that treated people suffering from mental disorders. (Justice Society of America v3 #1)

The older parts of the city were referred to as Old Town. (Starman Secret Files and Origins v1 #1)


  • Scalphunter :
  • Black Pirate
  • Ted Knight :
  • Jack Knight :
  • The Shade :


  • Opal City was created by James Robinson and Tony Harris where it made its first appearance in Starman v2 #0 (October, 1994).
  • The city was created in the post-Zero Hour continuity with its existence being a retcon by James Robinson who established it as the home of Starman whereas prior stories placed the hero's adventures in Gotham City or New York City.

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  • Starman v2:
  • Starman Secret Files and Origins v1:
  • Catwoman:
  • Justice Society of America v3:
  • Midnighter and Apollo v1:
  • The Flash v5:

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