Orman Tagge

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Baron Orman Tagge was the older brother of General Ulric Tagge, who became baron of the House of Tagge at a very young age. Although the House of Tagge had always been a prosperous and influential family, it was under Orman's leadership that the House truly blossomed and gained power in the early days of the Empire. Unlike his brother Ulric, Orman was a deeply ambitious man and sought to become Emperor Palpatine's number-one advisor.

As this position was held by Darth Vader, and Vader had little patience for the ambitious schemes of the young baron, the Sith Lord blinded Orman with his lightsaber. From that point onward, Orman wore cyber-vision goggles to allow him to see. Using the Dark Side of the Force, Vader forced Orman to fight Luke Skywalker in the Crystal Valley of the planet Monastery. Orman, no match for Luke, was killed by the young Jedi.

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