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Rama Kushna in DC Universe Presents v1 #5.

Rama Kushna is a deity that features in DC Comics.




Centuries ago, she watched over the good inhabitants of Earth with her kindness being a belief that inspired many followers. However, the evils in the world caused mankind to desire action rather than beliefs leading to a decline in the belief in Rama Kushna where over the years her name was almost forgotten. She recognised her failure at this point leading to her seeking to helping the innocent in the mortal world. To achieve that end, she sought out an agent that would perpetuate good whilst silencing evil. She found such an agent in a blameless man who had been abused by corrupt forces and burned for vengeance as he died. Rama appeared before the man where she made him an offer namely to strike a balance between good and evil whilst continuing to tip the balance in good's favour for all eternity. The man agreed with him being granted powers by Rama to overcome the world's most evil beings and brought them to Nanda Parbat where Rama Kushan's power was strongest. At this point, hundreds of beings were at the Himalayan refuge waiting to begin their life anew. By this time, the man had grown weary of the long endless service and asked Rama Kushna to be given a spiritual rest from his duties as he desired an end. However, she refused as she highlighted their bargain namely his eternal service in exchange for achieving his revenge. This caused the man to lash out and in his anger he turned on Rama Kushna with him leaving her as well as the land of Nanda Parbat. The act of rebellion grew in his mind and the agent sought to actively turn against his former master. To achieve that end, his astral form found the Sensei of the society of assassins who he possessed as he sought to use the group for his own ends. His goal was namely the destruction of Rama Kushna and releasing the people in Nanda Parbat as deprived of her embrace these individuals would revert to their evil ways. (Deadman v2 #2)

The Fakir Vashnu was a noted disciple of Rama Kushna when he was at the Hill's Circus Performers. It was said that she watched over the fate of Boston Brand and had chosen him to be the recipient of a special gift. After Brand was killed, he made manifestations of the goddess who informed him that he was dead but she gave him the opportunity to redeem himself by avenging himself against his killer. As a result, he became a ghostly entity that could possess others with him being known as Deadman. (Strange Adventures v1 #250)

Rama resigned herself to her fate when Jonah had brought his army from the society of assassins that struck at Nanda Parbat as he sought revenge against his former master after serving her for centuries. During this time, she was seemingly destroyed by Jonah's machinations but not before ensuring that Deadman would be able to stop the evil from him. (Deadman v2 #4)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events.

During World War II, General Electric used his robots to take over Nanda Parbat and utilised his science to cage the goddess Rama Kushna. She was freed by a band of American superheroes and soldiers where she thanked them before wiping the mind from all outsiders that she banished from the hidden city. (Bug! The Adventures of Forager v1 #2)

Nanda Parbat later came under attack from the Witch-Marked of the goddess Hecate who was intending to purge the world of magic and begin anew under her reign with her seeking to destroy Rama Kushna. (Justice League Dark v2 #4) This saw Hecate use Manitou Dawn who was sent to raze the city leading to the Rama Kushna dispatching Deadman with seeking aid from the ranks of the Justice League Dark. (Wonder Woman v5 #56) The two gods battled but Deadman and the Justice League Dark managed to provide a distraction to allow Rama Kushna to escape to safety. (Justice League Dark v2 #4)


Personality and attributes

She was noted for being the Balancer of Good over Evil. (Brave and the Bold v1 #86)

Statues dedicated to the goddess had her appear with six arms. It was claimed that she was the face of the universe. (Strange Adventures v1 #250)

Her still and soft voice was noted to had been filled with kindness that comforted the abused, ravaged, sick and the weak. (Deadman v2 #2)

Rama's goal was to use nature's harmonious energies to create a similar balance in the world of man. (Deadman v2 #3) Rama Kushna served the balance and attempted to restore it if it drifted towards order or chaos. (Reign in Hell v1 #7) She believed without darkness, the world would be as blind as if there was no light with the two being needed in the world. (Deadman v3 #4)

Only people with a special destiny were able to seek an audience with Rama Kushna. (52 v1 #32)

Powers and abilities

She claimed that was not actually a god as her powers were not without limit with her and her abilities being born from the planet's elemental core. Rama Kushna said that she was a spirit of the Earth. (Deadman v2 #3) She was said to be the living voice of all that was and was not with her being the perfect countenance that smiled upon her followers forever. (52 v1 #32)

Nanda Parbat was a place where energies flowed freely allowing Rama Kushna to control the wills of those that came there and balance it towards good as she perceived it. (Deadman v2 #3) Rama Kushna's own realm was a fabled land of blossoms and goodness. (Brave and the Bold v1 #86)

Her devotees were once stated to had numbered in legions. (Deadman v2 #2)


  • Rama Kushna was created by Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino where they made their first appearance in Strange Adventures v1 #205 (October, 1967).

In other media


  • In Justice League, Rama Kushna made her first appearance in the DC Animated Universe episode "Dead Reckoning" where she was voiced by actor Juliet Landau.


  • In Justice League Dark, Rama Kushna briefly appeared in a flashback and was referenced in the animated film with no voiced lines. She was said to be a goddess that took pity on Boston Brand after he was murdered and resurrected him as a ghost so that he could avenge his death. Rama Kushna later warned Deadman of a great danger to the world and sent Deadman to stop it with the threat eventually revealed to be the sorcerer Destiny.


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