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The Sensei in Deadman v3 #9.

The Sensei is a male comic martial artist that features in DC.




Fighting Batman in Detective Comics v1 #490.

He was actually the father of Ra's al Ghul and claimed to had raised him to become the new Alexander of the world in order to become its conqueror. (Batman v1 #671)

In 1927, he had first discovered the Mask of the Beholder and wore it in a village in China but was unable to wield its power which destroyed everyone in the settlement. (Batman v1 #707) He was the only one to survive where he encountered an archaeological expedition led by a man from the Jade Compass Society who he tricked into hiding the mask for him. (Batman v1 #705)

Control of the League of Assassins was divided between the Sensei and Ra's al Ghul with the latter seeking to take full command of the secret society. At this time, the Sensei gained a new disciple that was the highly skilled fighter named the Bronze Tiger who served his master but refused to kill. He was dispatched on an assignment to eliminate Kathy Kane where she was killed despite he interference of Batman. Batman then tracked the Bronze Tiger to the Sensei's base where he had his student and the Dark Knight battle in combat. When Batman was poisoned by a rogue assassin, the Sensei commanded Bronze Tiger to kill his foe but he refused causing his master to command his followers to slay both combatants whereupon he disappeared in the chaos. (Detective Comics v1 #485)

Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul

The Sensei, father of Ra's al Ghul in Batman v1 #671.

After the apparent demise of Ra's al Ghul, the Sensei formed a splinter faction of the League with these fanatical followers opposed to that of Talia al Ghul's group. He later learnt that Ra's had resurrected into a new but dying body with the Sensei concluding that he would seek out the mystical fountain at the Shifting City of Nanda Parbat. Thus, he assembled the Seven Men of Death to follow him in bringing about the end of Ra's al Ghul. (Batman v1 #670) He reached the city where he managed to take control of it and slowly executed the native monks as he sought the Fountain of Life. It was then that Batman arrived with Ra's al Ghul where the Dark Knight defeated the Sensei's Men of Death. In the confrontation with the Sensei himself, Batman learnt that the old man was Ra's father with the two doing battle. The Sensei fatally wounded Ra's before fighting Batman where he initially overpowered the Dark Knight. However, Batman endured longer as the Sensei's age meant his stamina could not match a prolonged fight. He forced the ancient martial arts master into the Fountain of Life where he died as his dark corrupt soul burnt at the touch of the purifying waters. (Batman v1 #671) However, his dying remains were visited by a masked Sasha Lo who was a descendant of the village the village that the Mask of the Beholder destroyed long ago. She intended to get her revenge on the mask and desired Sesnei to live to find it with her giving him a few drops of Lazarus liquid that restored his body allowing the Sensei to live again. He and his demon tribe later emerged in Gotham where they sought out the Mask of the Beholder from the Jade Compass Society but were opposed by Batman along with the heroine known as the Peacock with the pair being assisted by I-Ching. (Batman v1 #707)


Personality and attributes

He claimed that crime was for less men and had pride in the arts which was the crafts along with science of murder. (Detective Comics v1 #485)

With regards to his son, he stated that he had raised Ra's to be a world conqueror but that he had disappointed him with failure time and time again. Thus, he believed that his son's vision was flawed and it was this reason that he did not desire to give Ra's a further chance. He developed a complete hatred for Ra's and his bloodline with him stating that he saw rebellion and failure in that brood. (Batman v1 #671)

The monks of Nanda Parbat referred to him as the Old Gray Ghost. (Batman v1 #671)

Powers and abilities

He was a highly skilled martial artist who had centuries of training with him being able to break the arm of Batman and blind him in a matter of moments. However, he was a very old man with his stamina not being the same standard as his youth. Thus, he was only able to maintain his potential for a short time with it going to less than two minutes. Despite that being the case, he often succeeded in defeating his enemies in less than that time. (Batman v1 #671)

Among his many servants were the members of the Demon Tribe who wore demon masks. (Batman v1 #705)


  • The Sensei was created by Neil Adams where he made his first appearance in Strange Adventures v1 #215 (December, 1968).

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