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Rosenkreuz Orden are an organization that features in the Trinity Blood series.



Intelligence indicated that the violent vampire terrorist organization known as Fleurs du Mal had links to the Rosenkreuz Orden.

The Methuselah Count Alfred Meinz was hired secretly by Rosenkreuz to hijack the Albion airship Tristan and pilot it into the Vatican. He claimed upon taking control of the ship that he was bargaining for the release of three captured members of the who were held by the Vatican. However, his ultimate goal was to crash the ship into the Vatican and cause as much damage as possible though this plot was stopped by Father Abel Nightroad. Another assignment from Rosenkreuz saw them dispatch Dietrich von Lohengrin to István who claimed he was a programmer that was tasked with helping Gyula Kadar in restoring the Star of Sorrow. Marquis Kadar intended to use the Star as a weapon to get revenge against the Vatican as he blamed them for the death of his wife Maria. Lohengrin had, however, orchestrated events to turn Esther Blanchett and made it appear that he was killed by the Marquis's forces. When the Star was activated, Dietrich's hidden programming activated that co-opted the Star of Sorrow and had it target both human as well as Methuselah forces. Afterwards, Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer was on a mission to acquire Professor Berry's Silent Noise system and used it as a test for his client. This saw the destruction of a part of Barcelona with Noélle Bor killed during this time. In a rage, Abel unleashed his Crusnik powers but Isaak had managed to escape.


Membership in the order could be either Methuselah or Terrans.

The motto of the Contra Mundi was "Igne Natura Renovatur Integra" which translated to mean "With out fire, we will renew the world."


  • Dietrich von Lohengrin :
  • Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer : a male Terran who operated as a high ranking member of Rosenkreuz. Court rank: Magus, Title: Panzermagier.
  • Radu Barvon :
  • Helga von Vogelweide :
  • Balthasar von Neumann :
  • Melchior von Neumann :
  • Kaspar von Neumann :
  • Susanne von Skorzeny :


  • Trinity Blood:

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