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The Fleurs du Mal are a terrorist organization that features in Trinity Blood.



The Fleurs du Mal were a terrorist organization consisting of Methuselah and were hunted by the Vatican for their brutal crimes. Intelligence indicated that this organization had ties to the Rosenkreuz Orden who were funding their operations. At least three members of this group were captured by the Vatican and held in captivity. To increase hostilities, Rosenkreuz secretly hired the Methuselah Count Alfred Meinz with the task of commandeering the Albion airship Tristan and plotting its course to the Vatican. Alfred would make his demand on the release of the three captured Fleurs du Mal members but he was killed by Father Abel Nightroad. Afterwards, a group of Methuselah from the Fleurs du Mal captured the mutant girl Elise who had the power of contact telepathy. They attempted to use her for their own goals as a living weapon but her contact with them lead to the vampires killing themselves. Despite that, some members of this cell survived and succeeded in taking her from Vatican agents but were eliminated by Father Nightroad and Father Tres Iqus.



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