Second Generation Decepticons

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The Second Generation Decepticons were a spin-off strand of Decepticons created after the rediscovery of bio-morphic reproduction. After duplicating themselves to massive numbers, the new Decepticons- with largely identical green and white color schemes- were thoroughly lacking in morality. (In the process, they created an offshoot entity, the Swarm that would eventually return to haunt them.)

Leaving for space, the Second Generation fell under the sway of the Liege Maximo. Led by Lord Jhiaxus, they began conquering worlds full of organic life and remaking them into new Cybertrons. Eventually, 17 new Cybertrons were created, but in 1992, Jhiaxus' Second Generation forces came into conflict with the Autobots and their own ancestors, the Decepticons. Eventually, Jhiaxus' forces were finally wiped out by the Swarm; only Jhiaxus' second-in-command, Rook, escaped back to the Hub and the Liege Maximo.

Presumably, additional Second Generation Decepticons remained under the command of the Liege Maximo.

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