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The Liege Maximo was the supreme leader of the Second Generation Decepticons, and was apparently the archetypical evil Transformer. He dwelt in the Hub, and ruled a great empire.

Transformers Universe

Apparently he slew a forgotten Autobot leader known as Primon before he left Cybertron to form his empire. The Liege Maximo is rumored to be one of the original thirteen Transformers created by Primus, and is said to have spawned Megatron, along with the rest of the Decepticon race.

In Simon Furman's story Alignment, it was established that the Liege Maximo fell in a devastating battle with Grimlock and Megatron just as he was about to transcend normal reality and become a god in the same vein as Primus and Unicron.


It is said that the Tripredacus Council and Tarantulas are descendants of the Liege Maximo as well, but such rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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