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Jhiaxus was a Decepticon warlord, one of the first to be spawned after the rediscovery of bio-morphic reproduction. Originally a sadist and a tyrant, he eventually tired of the relentless battle to control Cybertron, and chose a new path- taking a legion of followers (also spawned via bio-morphic methods), Jhiaxus set off for space, joining with the Liege Maximo.

No longer seeking simple carnage, Jhiaxus and his followers- the Second Generation Decepticons- decided that Transformers, as the superior life form in the universe, would seize organic worlds and remake them into new Cybertrons. This plan proceeded uninterrupted for many years, until 17 new Cybertrons had been created. However, in 1992, Jhiaxus' forces came into conflict with the Autobots and their own ancestors, the Decepticons.

Jhiaxus' increasing frustration with his inability to best what he considered relics led him to extreme measures, eventually driving him mad. He even attacked Earth, simply to cause pain for Optimus Prime. However, Jhiaxus was unable to stop the Swarm, which ultimately devoured him.

Jhiaxus' alternate mode was a powerful spacecraft.

Transformers Universe

A version of Jhiaxus was among those Transformers kidnapped from throughout the multiverse by Unicron.


Jhiaxus' name was derived from the phrase "Gee, axe us!"- indicating author Simon Furman's idea of how long Transformers: Generation 2 would last.

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