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The Shadow Council is an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



The Shadow Council

Upon learning that Roxxon had betrayed them and claimed the Crown the Council began to fear for their operations. Thus, they decided to dispatch the 9th Legion with the goal of launching a suicide mission to destroy the site on Mars via the Vanishing Point. (Secret Avengers v1 #3) During transit, Ant-Man Eric O'Grady who had entered the Council's Citadel through the same portal went forth to stop the suicide attackers by triggering their bombs during transit. They exploded creating a chain reaction that destroy the two sides of the portal from the one on Earth to the one located on Mars. (Secret Avengers v3 #4)


Soldiers for the Shadow Council were prepared to die for their cause and sent on missions where it was not expected that they would not return. Among the units used by the Council included the 9th Legion. (Secret Avengers v1 #3)

An item available to them was the Vanishing Point that was a portal through time and space. (Secret Avengers v1 #3)


  • Aloysius Thorndrake : Director of the Shadow Council.
  • Arnim Zola 4.2.3 : flawed copy of Arnim Zola.
  • John Steele : brainwashed supersoldier who was tricked into joining the Shadow Council.
  • Lt. Hood : Member of the Shadow Council.
  • Max Fury : Life Model Decoy of Nick Fury who operated as Head of Security.
  • Kevin : served coffee.


  • The Shadow Council was created by Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato Jr. where they made their first appearance in Secret Avengers v1 #1 (July, 2010).

In other media


  • In Avengers Assemble, the Shadow Council appeared as antagonists in the animated television series Black Panther's Quest season. It was said that they were a group that operated during World War II with them being led by Baron Heinreich Zemo but were defeated by Captain America along with the Black Panther T'Chaka. Years later, they were reformed and led by N'Jadaka who intended to have the group depose the Wakandan royal family with himself in charge. They consisted of N'Jadaka, Tiger Shark, M'Baku, Klaue, Zanda and later on Whitney Frost. To achieve that, they sought out the broken pieces of the Panther Key relic in order to find the Shrouded Temple to claim the powerful crown hidden within it.


  • Secret Avengers v1:

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