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Shirai Ryu symbol.

The Shirai Ryu are an organization that features in Mortal Kombat.



Original Timeline

The Shirai Ryu (Kanji: 白井流; lit. "White Well Style") were a clan of ninjas that had established themselves in Japan long ago. During their history, they were known to had developed a rivalry and enmity with the Chinese Lin Kuei warrior clan.

After being pushed into a Soulnado, Scorpion was nearly destroyed by being exposed to the purity of Heaven. However, he was saved by the intervention of the Elder Gods who desired a champion to stop the machinations of the Dragon King Onaga. In return for his aid, the Elder Gods stated that they would return his clan back to life. Afterwards, the Shirai Ryu were returned to life but not as mortals but rather as undead hellspawns similar to Scorpion himself. In a rage, Scorpion vowed vengeance against the Elder Gods and led his undead clan members against them. This saw the Shirai Ryu in confrontation with Taven during the events of the Armageddon.

Reboot Timeline

During the events of the Armageddon, Shao Kahn won the conflict which led to the destruction of all of reality. In his final moments, Raiden sent his memories back to his past self and armed with these scattered visions the Thunder God sought to avert this future thus causing an altered timeline. Similar to the previous timeline, the Shirai Ryu were a clan that stood opposed to the Lin Kuei. To eliminate their rivals, the Lin Kuei contracted the services of the sorcerer Quan Chi. Quan Chi proceeded to massacre the Shirai Ryu clan though this was with the goal of Hanzo Hasashi to be killed and reborn as an undead infernal specter. After his rebirth, Quan Chi lied to Hasashi and told him that the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero had killed the Shirai Ryu clan. Scorpion then accompanied Quan Chi to participate in the Mortal Kombat Tournament at Shang Tsung's Island in Earthrealm. The Netherrealm sorcerer sought to encourage Scorpion into murdering Sub-Zero but Raiden armed with visions of memories of his future self attempted to dissuade the vengeful hellspawn warrior. Though Scorpion desired revenge, Raiden offered to petition the Elder Gods to restore his clan to life after which the undead warrior agreed to show mercy. During the battle, Scorpion defeated Sub-Zero by taking him to the Netherrealm whereupon Quan Chi used a false vision of the Lin Kuei killing the Shirai Ryu which caused the hellspawn to kill his foe.

In the aftermath, Scorpion managed to control his power allowing him to resume a human form. During this time, he re-established the Shirai Ryu clan with himself as their master where he trained new members. Around this time, Kenshi approached Scorpion and asked him to look after his newborn son Takeda Takahashi who faced danger from the Red Dragon assassins. As such, Takeda trained as a ninja among the ranks of the Shirai Ryu.

In Scorpions MKX ending, he sought to commit suicide for bringing about Shinnok's freedom but Raiden instead bonded his life force with the Jinsei linking him to the world's life force and he along with the Shirai Ryu became the eternal protectors of Earthrealm.


A Shirai Ryu ninja.

In appearance, the Shirai Ryu were a clan of ninjas that operated in the world.

The leader of the clan held the position of Grandmaster.

They came to establish a new home centred at the Shirai Ryu Fire Garden that was known to the clan and its closest allies. Its name came from the red coloured vegetation that grew in the area.


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