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The Skull Knight is a character who features in Berserk.



The Skull Knight (髑髏の騎士 Dokuro no Kishi)

He developed a deep seated enmity with the God Hand and was opposed to their schemes in the Physical World. The Skull Knight was noted to hunt down Apostles and claimed Behelit's which he consumed into his body. This often brought him into conflict with Nosferatu Zodd who was delighted over their repeated skirmishes over the centuries.

Afterwards, he went to meet the witch Flora within the Mansion of the Spirit Tree just as Gut's and his companions departed for Enoch Village. The Skull Knight then sensed a disturbance in Qliphoth where he rushed in to aid Guts as he sensed the emergence of the God Hand. Upon arriving, he was disappointed to see that only the angel Slan had emerged though she had overpowered Guts during their confrontation.

He returned to the Mansion of the Spirit Tree when the Interstice had been invaded by Apostles of the reborn Band of the Hawk. They had arrived under orders from their master Griffith to eliminate the mage Flora as she was deemed a danger to his plans. The Skull Knight attempted to aid in the defence of the mansion but was confronted by Nosferatu Zodd who kept him delayed from providing further assistance.


Personality and attributes

Due to his appearance, he had been confused for being Death or a representative of Death.

It was said that the witch Flora had been a close friend and compatriot to him in life.

Powers and abilities

After consuming many Behelit's, he was able to bond them to his sword by plunging the blade into his mouth. Once removed, he referred to it as the Sword of Actuation which had the power to create interdimensional tears. Through a swipe of the blade, he could tear a hole in reality that led to other locations within the Physical World giving the Skull knight the means of nearly instantaneous travel.

It was noted that the Berserker Armor was formerly used by him back when he was mortal. As a result, he was familiar with the dangers posed in wearing it.


  • The Skull Knight was created by Kentaro Miura and featured in the setting of Berserk.

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