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Sparx is a female comic superhero that features in DC Comics.



Donna Carol Force was a female member of the Force family who lived in a small town in quiet Timberton. All members of the family possessed the Metagene and through one incident or another had it activated with them becoming superpowered Metahumans. The family as a whole kept a low profile though believed in helping others with Donna raised under this belief. As she was growing up, her Metagene was not activated and she long desired to gain powers so that she could operate as a superhero and help people. To achieve that end, she began to look for a trigger event that could lead to the manifestation of her power. Her uncle Harry learnt of an incident in Metropolis involving alien parasites whose bites could activate the Metagene in some people. Thus, they travelled there where Donna and her uncle arrived at Suicide Slum with her initially rushing in to help a woman being attacked thinking the adrenaline would activate her powers. However, it did not work and her uncle Harry saved her by transforming into his werewolf form before they continued their search for the parasites in the city. After a long period of searching, they were ready to give up when Donna heard a woman under attack and rushed to scene where she found a reporter at an isolated site being attacked by the parasite Gemir. Donna and her uncle battled the beast allowing the bystander to escape where they were overpowered by the alien parasite. It was then that Donna had a change of heart and wanted to leave but her uncle was wounded in the battle. It was then that she was bitten by the creature but the feeding was interrupted by the arrival of Superboy. The police arrived at the scene along with paramedics with Harry by her side hoping she could be saved. The medics were charging paddles for her heart with the bite along with the equipment triggering her Metagene where she developed the power to turn into electricity. With her dream fulfilled, she moved to quickly support Superboy against Gemir who was aided by his parasite kin. They managed to fight off the parasites who were forced to flee when the police arrived on the scene with their battle causing the building to collapse. Superboy survived due to his abilities but worried that Sparx was injured but she manifested as a bolt of electricity. She then kissed Superboy after he noted her for being attractive and she departed to find her uncle where she looked all over Metropolis for him before locating him at Metropolis Hospital. Initially, Donna felt she was trapped in her electrical state but Harry taught her to control her abilities allowing her to switch between her forms. He was ready to return back home but Donna elected to stay behind to help fight the parasites and be a real superhero. In her civilian guise, she went to see Superboy to thank him for saving her and asked him out on a date but he said he had important matters to deal with causing him to turn her down though she thought he would not have done so if she was in her Sparx guise. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)


Personality and attributes

She was known by her nickname D.C.. When she gained her powers, she debated on her name with her considering Elektra, Shock and Lightning Lady but settled on Sparx after Superboy kept calling her sparky. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)

Donna had a desire to activate her Metagene and be like the rest of her family who had superpowers. She did not want to have a quiet life in her small hometown of Timberton. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)

Many members of the Force family had superpowers as a result of inheriting the Metagene. Her grandmother Iris believed superheroes were part-actor and part-boxer where they represented the worse parts. She also had a beloved uncle named Harry who had the ability to transform into a large werewolf-like form. Donna along with the rest of her family were taught to use their powers in quieter ways though she herself wanted to be a superhero and felt she could help many people. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)

She had an attraction to Superboy who was similarly attracted to her when she was Sparx. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)

Powers and abilities

As a member of the Force family, she carried the Metagene and had the potential to turn into a superpowered Metahuman. The trigger event occurred when a Bloodline Parasite bit her and the medical crew were attempting to revive her with shock paddles. This resulted in her transformation into a being composed of electricity that she could use for a variety of effects including becoming a living lightning bolt. These included transforming herself into electricity to transport herself over great distances or fire electrical attacks at enemies and objects. She was able to instinctually dampen her electrical output to prevent her from shocking people around her. (Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5)


  • Sparx was created by Karl Kesel, Tom Grummett and Ed Hannigan where she made her first appearance in Adventures of Superman Annual v1 #5 (1993).


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