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A Trollhunter is a title that features in Trollhunters.



A Trollhunter was a title that was linked to the wielder of the Amulet of Daylight with it being created by Merlin. The purpose of these warriors was to protect the balance between humans and Trolls with them hunting evil memebrs of the race. It arose to create a champion to battle the evil Troll warlord known as Gunmar the Black who was waging a war to take over the planet. The Trollhunter Deya the Deliverer was responsible for defeating Gunmar but exiling him and the Gumm-Gumms into the otherworld realm of the Darklands at the Battle of Killahead. This saw them sealing the Bridge of Killahead through the use of the Amulet of Daylight. Afterwards, Deya aided in evacuating Trollkind to the ship known as the Mayflower so that they could resettle elsewhere. This saw Deya battle Gunmar's son Bular where the Trollhunter was slain by the savage warrior.

At some point, Baba Yaga was responsible for transforming the Troll Angor Rot into becoming a mystically empowered hunter charged with slaying Trollhunters. During the course of this time, he was responsible for slaying a number of Trollhunters where he stole their souls preventing them from joining the Council of Elder Trollhunters.

Bular was noted to had killed a number of Trollhunters over the years.

Bular managed to chase Kanjigar into the human world where he badly wounded the Trollhunter in order to claim the Amulet. Rather than let it fall to evil, the heroic Troll decided to allow himself to die by falling into sunlight where he turned to stone and shattered with the relic left behind.


In appearance, the position of Trollhunter was achieved by a person being chosen by the Amulet of Daylight. Upon being chosen, they were gifted with the magic inherent in the relic that could manifest in the form of an armor and produced various weapons as other mystical traits. Originally, the position was only used by members of the Troll race until the Amulet selected its first Human wielder. They were referred to as Merlin's Creation and as Gunmar's Bane.

It was considered a noble sacred obligation with them being a protector who was responsible for protecting both humans and Trolls. Thus, whenever called by their charges, it was said that a Trollhunter must answer the summons.

There were three rules that were regarded as being important for a Trollhunter for them to live and die by with these being:

  • Rule One: Always be afraid
  • Rule Two: Always finish the fight
  • Rule Three: When in doubt, always kick them in the gronk-nuks.

A common trait of Trollhunters was that they believed in working alone as to bring friends or loved ones into their struggle meant that their lives were at danger. Thus, they often severed ties with family and kept a distance as they stood alone to complete their duty.

When slain, the bodies of deceased Trollhunters were gathered and pieced together to form a statue in honor of the Troll. These were placed in poses at the Hero's Forge as a reminder of the heroic actions of the warrior.

In addition to their living mentors, a Trollhunter was also guided by counsel from the Council of Elder Trollhunters. These were the spirits of the deceased predecessors that advised them and helped in their training. They resided within the Amulet of Daylight in a world that was referred to as the Void Between Worlds. The elder Trollhunters appeared in spectral forms as they spoke and attempted to advise their successor.

Central to the Trollhunter was an area referred to as the Hero's Forge that served as a training ground for their number. In addition, it held the remains of the former Trollhunters that were slain in combat with their bodies pieced together as statues.


  • Jim Lake Jr. : a young dark-haired male who was the first human ever chosen by the Amulet.
  • Kanjigar : the Courageous, a male Troll.
  • Deya :
  • Unkar :
  • Draal :
  • Grimbald :
  • Maddrux :
  • Voltar :
  • Arakak :
  • Gorgus :


  • Trollhunters featured in the setting of Trollhunters.


  • Trollhunters:

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