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The United Earth Government is a government that features in Robotech.



The United Earth Government was a global government that formed on Earth in the wake of the crash of the SDF-1 on Macross Island in July 1999.

In 2009, the test launch of the SDF-1 was being conducted which was the Zentraedi arrived in the solar system in search for the lost battle fortress. Their initial probing to find the crashed vessel thus triggered the events of the First Robotech War.



The United Earth Forces was the military established to protect the planet against alien threats through the use of Robotechnology. After the end of the First Robotech War, its capital was located at Monument City.

One of the sub-branches within the United Earth Forces was the Global Military Police which worked as a law enforcement and internal intelligence agency that worked to ensure that order was maintained. Some of their duties also included external intelligence operations.

Its military composed of at least two separate divisions namely the Defense Force and the Expeditionary Force.

The Robotech Defense Force was the name given to the military that was tasked with defending the planet from alien forces. It faced heavy casualties after two wars and virtually collapsed though elements of it survived within the resistance forces against the Invid.

The Robotech Expeditionary Force was the name given to applicants of the Pioneer Expedition which were tasked with exploring space and locating the homeworld of the Robotech Masters in order to prevent a Second Robotech War. The fleet would be stranded in Tirolian space where they fought the forces of the Invid Regent.

Fleets began to be divided into divisions that included:

  • Mars Division :
  • Jupiter Division :

After the occupation of Earth by the Invid, the Expeditionary Force would would the Earth Reclamation Force back to Humanity's homeworld in order to liberate it from the alien invaders. At least two divisions from this branch of the Expeditionary Force were destroyed by the alien Invid though the third mission was successful after the deployment of the Neutron S missiles which forced the invaders to abandon the planet.

One of the more elite branches of this organization was the Wolf Pack which were trained members of the Special Forces division.


The UEG had developed Robotechnology by salvaging and studying the wreckage of Zor's Battle Fortress that had crashed on Earth. This led to mankind incorporated articulated mecha, powerful energy weapons and the underlying basis of Protoculture-based power systems.

In time, the REF came to develop a Veritech armored mecha system that could be worn by infantry thus creating the Cyclone.

The REF by the Third Robotech War had developed Shadow Devices that were Protoculture machines designed with a fourth dimensional configuration. This allowed them to generate a Shadow Dimensional Field around the vessel thus concealing them from detection except through the visual spectrum.

In terms of infantry-based weapons, the United Earth Government created a wide range of armaments that included:

  • Gallant H-90 Multi-Weapon System :
  • EP-40 Ion Pulse Pistol :

To combat Invid shield technology, the REF began creating the Destabilizer that could fire beams that broke through shielding.

In time, refinement to the technology led to the creation of an advanced Reflex weapon called a Synchro Cannon. These fired synchronised energy beams able to disintegrate large numbers of armored targets. Small portable versions were tested by the Jupiter Division but large scale cannons were fielded on starships as the primary weapon.

Among the vessels used by mankind included:

  • Garfish class :
  • Shimakaze class : a 548 meter long battlecruiser that was armed with a central synchro cannon and utilised by the Robotech Expeditionary Force.
  • Ikazuchi class :
  • Tokugawa class :
  • Tristar class :
  • Ark Angel class :


  • Henry Gloval :
  • Roy Fokker :
  • Claudia Grant :
  • Lisa Hayes :
  • Rick Hunter :
  • Max Sterling :
  • Miriya Sterling :
  • Vince Grant :
  • Jean Grant :
  • Dana Sterling :
  • Bowie Grant :
  • Gunther Reinhardt : male human who was part of the R.E.F. where he was the Lieutenant General of the Earth Reclamation Mission in the Third Robotech War.
  • Scott Bernard :
  • Sue Graham :
  • Daryl Taylor : male human who was part of the R.E.F. where he was the leader of Wolf Squadron and participated in the Third Robotech War where he was killed.
  • Maia Sterling :
  • Alex Romero :
  • Marcus Rush :


  • The United Earth Government featured in the setting of Robotech.


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