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Mike Warner was an antisocial sort who takes out his endless malice on the world around him, Mike was among the abductees inducted into SEMME. By 1999, Mike was part of Squadron 128, and remained with it through the leaderships of Tony, Jason and Walky.

At one point, Mike wound up in a relationship with Dina after she discovered that he became a really nice guy when he was drunk. Eventually, he got sober, and the relationship (to put it generously) quickly soured- making Walky his enemy. When Dina died saving SEMME from a bomb (an event that ever-so-briefly shocked Mike out of his nastiness), an angry Walky nearly beat him to death. He later recovered, and was transferred to Squadron 82. Mike ultimately died during the Martian assault in 2004, and Joe didn't believe there was enough of his body left to revive him using their makeshift Martian resurrection chamber.

However, Mike was somehow revived. (Even his former SEMME co-worker Robin didn't know about it.) Mike soon found employment with toy store owner and megalomaniac Galasso. The job's suited him fine ever since.

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