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The White Triangle is a group that features in DC Comics.



The White Triangle were a group formed amongst the Daxamites species and were a xenophobic organization that believed that their own species were superior. As such, they held the view that contact with non-Daxamites led to their race becoming "unclean" as a result. Their beliefs eventually spread from beyond Daxam and their isolationist as well as xenophobic views were shared by several worlds which included Earth. By the 30th Century, they found the creation of the United Planets to be abhorent and thus plotted its destruction. The White Triangle blamed industrialist R. J. Brande's proliferation of stargate technology being the means that created the United Planets. Thus, they dispatched one of their followers to Earth who was Roderick Doyle that served as Brand'e business partner in order to assassinate him during a trip to Earth. However, the assassination was prevented by three teenagers on the ship known as Rokk Krinn, Imra Ardeen and Garth Ranzz. In an act of irony, the teens from three separate worlds inspired Brande to form an interstellar group of superheroes to serve as a living symbol of the United Planet's ideals which became the Legion of Super Heroes. After the first failure, the Triangle provided Doyle with a bomb for a second attempt on Brande's life but this time with the intention of not only eliminating him but the newly formed Legionnaires as the United Planet's general assembly. However, once again, the Legion foiled their plans and a mental probe revealed Doyle's role in the assassination attempt.

After Doyle's failure, the White Triangle began recruiting mercenaries that were tasked with releasing prisoners from the supermax private prison known as Planet Hell. They intended to use these criminals and convicts as expendable shock troops against the United Planets. However, once again, the Legion disrupted their plans with the help of the Workforce. Throughout the course of these events, the White Triangle's involvement and existence remained a secret which changed after Laurel Gand was recruited into the Legion of Super Heroes where she was codenamed Andromeda. However, her indoctrination and being raised in a White Triangle community often interfered in her ability to perform as a Legionnaire. This was seen when she witnessed an assault on an aquatic alien by three Triangle thugs and let them off with a warning after seeing their pendants. Afterwards, the same three assaulted Legionnaire Lournu Durgo and nearly killed her with the investigation uncovering the existence of the White Triangle. Andromeda felt guilty of her allowing the three Triangle thugs and confronted them but was poisoned by the trio with lead. She was later cured by Brainiac 5 who forced her to accept the fact that he was not inferior to her before giving her the antidote. Shortly afterwards, Shrinking Violet discovered a Triangle pendant in Laurel Gand's room.

From that point on, the Legion began linking the increasing number of incidents involving racial violence with the White Triangle. During this time, a cadre of Daxamite Triangle members began an active campaign of destroying the various stargates in the galaxy. This resulted in a large number of Daxamites of the White Triangle participating in the decimation of the planet Trom whose inhabitants were a peaceful race of transmuters that helped Brande create the stargate technology. Upon learning Andromeda's membership within the White Triangle, Cosmic Boy attempted to have her expelled from the Legion but Daxamite ambassador Roxxas convinced the United Planets president to overturn the decision. Unknown to anyone, Roxxas was actually the leader of the White Triangle and bullied Laurel Gand into giving him the anti-lead serum. After using the serum on himself and four other Daxamites, the group assaulted Earth itself and caused a wave of mass destruction on the planet. The Legion managed to ultimately stop the five Daxamites with the aid of Jan Arrah; the last inhabitant of the planet Trom. Whilst they battled the four Daxamites, Andromeda herself fought and killed Roxxas thus ending the threat of the White Triangle at the seeming expense of her life. However, it was later discovered that she had managed to survive the final battle on Earth. With their leader dead, the Legion and the Science Police went on a galaxy wide hunt for all active cells of the White Triangle.


Their racist background meant that their were communities of their kind where their children were raised to be kept deliberately ignorant of the basics of biology as well as other science. This was in order to maintain their racial creed of purity within their own society. In fact, one of their beliefs held that legend of the hero Valor being responsible for "seeding" the many humanoid races of the galaxy from a common ancestral group namely Earth was a lie. Its members actively attacked aliens that they discovered and wore White Triangle pendants to highlight their membership within the group. This meant that those Triangle members in higher authority were known to let the criminal acts of the organization escape apprehension as was the case when Andromeda let a group of thugs depart after attacking an alien.


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  • The White Triangle first appeared in the post-Zero Hour universe in Legion of Superheroes Vol 4 #66 (March 1995) where they were created by Mark Waid, Tom McCraw and Lee Moder.
  • The group has not featured in the "Threeboot" continuity of Legion within the comics and thus their current existence or whether they do exist in the new continuity is unknown.


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