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The Wolverine-type Sentinels are a type of robot that features in Wolverine and the X-Men.



The Wolverine-type Sentinels were a type of Sentinel model created in a dark future where the machines have taken control of the Earth from both Mutants and Humans. Their origins came from schematics made before the war began when the Mutant Response Division's chief scientist Doctor Bolivar Trask had briefly captured the X-Man Wolverine. After analyzing his body, Trask concluded that the Mutants body contained a natural healing factor making him formidable but in addition to this, his bones were coated in Adamantium. Trask believed that with the data he gathered, he could teach his Sentinels to mimic such traits.

In the future, these plans were made a reality by the dominant Sentinels who created a special model of hunters tasked with hunting Mutants. They were eventually deployed for the first time against a band of resistance fighters who had a time displaced Charles Xavier among them. During their first battle, it was concluded that the machines had managed to duplicate the feats of Wolverine and showed that they were evolving in the future which meant that the battle would be lost unless the past was changed. During their hunt, their prohibition from entering the Badlands was removed by the Sentinels guiding intelligence but they were destroyed by Polaris.

Another larger group was deployed into the desert Badlands with the standard Sentinel model where they ambushed the Mutants but were destroyed once again by Polaris's power.


In appearance, these robots were smaller than their larger kin being somewhat larger then a normal Human. Their faces were more elongated with only a single central receptor eye and their jaws were often apart. The appearance of this machine series was more feral as they had reverse jointed legs, a tail and typically moved about on all four limbs when chasing their target. Despite this being the case, they were able to stand on their rear two legs. Two blasters were located on their shoulders serving as their primary form of ranged armament against threats.

What made this model dangerous was its unique abilities which distinguished it from other Sentinel models. Their arms were capable of extending three energy blades on each hand similar to the adamantium claws on Wolverine. Furthermore, the units possessed a type of repair system similar to a healing factor of the Mutant they were based on. This allowed them to recover from numerous injuries and attacks which meant only an assault that utterly destroyed or shattered the unit was capable of destroying it.


  • In their first appearance, the Sentinel models were not given a name.
  • They were an original creation of the animated series and had not been seen in the comics.


  • Wolverine and the X-Men:

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