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The World Martial Arts Tournament was a regular martial arts tournament pitting the best martial artists on Earth against one another. Various Z Warriors have competed in the tournament. The first tournament was held May 7 in AD 650. Their schedule has varied since then.

  • From the 1st to 21st tournaments, they were held every five years. (AD 650 (1st) to 750 (21st))
  • From the 21st to the 23rd, every three years. (750 (21st) to 756 (23rd))
  • The Tournaments were not held for several years after the 23rd, resuming again with the 24th in 767.
  • After the 24th, the Tournaments were not held again for seven years, resuming with the 25th in 774. The 25th also introduced a junior division, although this practice was apparently dropped in future tournaments.
  • There were four years between the 25th and 26th (778).
  • After the 26th, the tournaments resumed their three-year schedule. (778 (26th) to 790 (30th))
  • A 60th World Martial Arts Tournament was held in 890); apparently the schedule adjusts again (perhaps several times) after the 30th.

Known Tournaments and Outcomes

  • 21st (May 7, 750) - Goku loses to Roshi, Master (disguised as Jackie Chun)
  • 22nd (May 7, 753) - Goku loses to Tien.
  • 23rd (May 7, 756) - Goku defeats Piccolo.
  • 24th (May 7, 767) - Hercule Satan wins.
  • 25th (May 7, 774) - Hercule Satan wins (after bribing Android 18).
  • 26th (May 7, 778) - Hercule Satan wins.
  • 27th (May 7, 781) - Hercule Satan wins.
  • 28th (May 7, 784) - Hercule Satan wins.
  • 29th (May 7, 787) - Hercule Satan wins.
  • 30th (May 7, 790) - Hercule Satan wins (due to the intervention of Mister Buu's spirit).
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