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Piccolo (May 9, 753 - November 3, 762; December 24, 762 - May 8, 774; May 8, 774 - 790) was an Earth-born Namekian warrior (unaware for years that he was an extraterrestrial), offspring of King Piccolo, the dark side of Kami. Created at the instant of King Piccolo's death, Piccolo lived only for revenge. Training for years, Piccolo- under the alias Ma Junior- battled Goku at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. After a fierce battle, Piccolo was defeated, but Goku helped his enemy survive.

Piccolo continued to train, planning a time when he would successfully kill Goku. In 762, however, Piccolo found himself siding with his enemy against greater threats- first Garlic Junior, then the Saiyan Raditz. Learning that two even more powerful Saiyans were due to arrive, Piccolo took Goku's son Gohan, and trained him to use his vast innate power. Piccolo was a harsh taskmaster, but in the process, he and Gohan became something like friends. In the battle against the Saiyans, Piccolo ultimately sacrificed his life to save Gohan from an attack by Nappa.

Arriving in the Other World, Piccolo found his way to King Kai's world. Unlike the other Z Warriors, he refused to participate in Kai's apparently silly training exercises, preferring to train by himself. After Frieza arrived on Planet Namek and battled Goku and company, Piccolo was revived and sent to his ancestral homeworld. He soon merged with Nail, the strongest warrior among the Namekian race, and attained great power. Piccolo battled Frieza in his second stage, but was defeated when the villain changed to his third form. Piccolo was badly wounded by Frieza in his final form, but survived after being sent to Earth.

Piccolo learned- using his superior hearing- about Trunks' future (and his being Vegeta and Bulma's son) after his arrival, and cooperated with Goku and Gohan's training to battle the androids. After he was badly beaten by Android 17, Piccolo realized he would need even more power, and grudgingly decided to merge with Kami- thus recreating, in effect, the original Namekian that existed before Kami and King Piccolo split. Vastly enhanced in power, Piccolo took on Imperfect Cell, then tried to defeat Android 17 before Cell could absorb him. He failed, nearly killed by Cell and saved by Goku. Piccolo trained even more in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the Cell Games.

At the Cell Games, Piccolo opposed Goku's decision to have Gohan face Cell, understanding that Gohan had no love of fighting as Goku did. He later helped defeat Cell in his final Kamehameha duel with Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. Piccolo came to live at the Lookout with Dende and Mr. Popo, continuing to train. He was largely a bystander during the crisis with Majin Buu- turned to stone by Dabura and then restored, training Goten and Trunks in the Fusion Dance, absorbed by Buu (who became Super Buu). Piccolo was freed from Buu, only to die when the Earth was destroyed- but was restored by the Namekian Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball GT

Following Baby's attack, Piccolo chose to die on the destabilizing Earth when there wasn't enough energy left to transport both himself and Goku to the Tuffle Planet. Piccolo was sent to the upper realms of the Other World as a hero. However, he chose to act villainously to force his being sent to Hell (HFIL), so he could help Goku escape from there after he was trapped there by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. Presumably he is still there.


Piccolo's unique techniques included the Special Beam Cannon (Makankosappo), Light Grenade and Scattershot (Hellzone Grenade).


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