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Yoshikage Kira is a male character that features in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影|Kira Yoshikage) was a male born on January 30, 1966 in Morioh Town within Japan's M Prefecture in S City. He was born to parents of old age with it being claimed that his family were close to him. His father Yoshihiro Kira was entrusted with one of the Bow and Arrows by the witch Enya who was a follower of Dio Brando. From a young age, Yoshikage held the violent tendencies of a serial killer with his first acts being the secret murder of 16 year old Reimi Sugimoto around 15 years ago where he killed her along with her entire family including the pet dog Arnold with only Rohan Kishibe who was saved by Reimi. During that time, he was still new to the act of murder and killed his victims by viciously stabbing them in the back leaving them horrific back wounds. At an unknown point, he went to the museum where he became fixated with the hands of the Mona Lisa where he developed a sexual fetish towards hands. This developed into his habit of being a serial killer as he targeted women and severed their hands that he kept with him as his girlfriend before he tired of them. At some point afterwards, Yoshihiro sought to protect his son and he later used it to pierce Yoshikage's flesh with the Arrow entrusted to him that gave his Kira access to his own mystical Stand known as Killer Queen. By the time he reached 21, his father had died with his mother passing away shortly afterwards. Unknown to anyone, his father's ghost still remained in the world and stayed in the family home where he continued to watch over his son in order to protect him from harm. He later graduated from D University in 1988 where he gained a literature degree before moving to S city for a job at Kameyu's corporate office. Eventually, he managed to get a transfer to the Morioh-cho branch in 1993.

By 1999, Kira was 33 years old and continued to live in Morioh Town where he worked at department stores till 8pm. During this time, he managed to maintain the hidden nature of his existence and secretly continued to kill people over the years in such a manner that the town was unaware of the deaths.

During his escape, he encountered Kosaku Kawajiri who had a similar build as him and kidnapped him where he forced him into the salon owned by Aya Tsuji. Once there, he forced her to use her Stand's powers to swap Kosaku's face and finger prints for Kira's allowing him to take his identity. He then had Kawajiri killed and mortally wounded Aya where he used Killer Queen to turn her into a booby trapped bomb as he was expecting Josuke along with his friends to come to the salon. They arrived at the scene where they attempted to learn of Kira's new identity from Aya but before she could do so she exploded with her being killed as a result. Josuke attempted to follow Kira who had fled the salon but he did not know of Yoshikage's new face with the serial killer blending into the crowd where he was now safe from pursuit.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, originally Kira was a Japanese male with blonde hair.

He longed for a simple life and did not wish to be bothered. According to him, he did not want happiness or despair but rather wanted a quiet life akin to that of a plant. As such, he hated anything that brought attention to himself and disrupted his need for a quiet life. He becomes quite bothered when someone disrupts his simplicity, and goes to extreme lengths to get it back. Thus, he deemed anything that interrupted his simple life as a threat to him and one that he had to eliminate. He showed no hesitation in seeking to kill others and did so in order to protect his secret. However, he also claimed that he did not like to engage in battles with others as he did not like the strife it caused him. Kira was cold and calculating in his attacks where he arranged for his booby-traps to be placed and activated at specific moments to kill his foes. He was not above turning humans into living bombs to use as traps to kill his enemies where he detonated them when his foes approached them. The only exception to this was when he learnt of Josuke's Stand's ability to fix anything which was at odds with Killer Queen's power as it could restore even those that were blown up by Kira's power. Thus, he felt that it was at complete odds against his power and he could not tolerate its existence which was why he later became fixated with killing Josuke.

In his own life, Kira had carefully cultivated his history to the point that it would not draw attention. This gave the appearance of someone of low intelligence and ambition but this was a mask. All his pictures showed him in positions that did not draw attention to him and all his trophies or awards had him in third place. This was, in fact, deliberate as it drew less attention towards him and kept him hidden in society. Ultimately, Kira was said to not be hated or loved by anyone. He was also shown to hold no particular hobbies that served as an effective means of hiding any weakness in him.

From childhood, a habit of his when things did not go his way was biting deeply into his nails to the point that they drew blood. This was all in the pursuit of hiding his true nature as a serial killer. It was said that he often struggled attempting to suppress his desire to kill people. During times when he desired to kill, his nails often began to grow uncontrollably and he had to struggle with his killing instinct. Yoshikage tended to regularly cut his finger nails and kept a collection of the clippings in jars that were sorted by year with the lengths being detailed and recorded in a notebook. He believed that if the nails grew quickly then he was expecting trouble. Kira also had a sexual fetish towards hands that developed after seeing the Mona Lisa as a child. He confessed that he took pictures of the Mona Lisa's hands where he experienced an erection upon seeing them. This later developed in his habit as a serial killer as he often targeted women where he killed them and kept their severed hands. Yoshikage kept the hand with him as his 'girlfriend' where he would lick them in an erotic manner and speak to them. This remained the case until the hand began to decay whereupon he discarded the hand and began to search for a replacement. He demonstrated anger at the thought of being forced from Morioh and stated that he would not run away from the town from his enemies.

When he gained Stand powers, he was not aware of the name of these abilities or the fact that others possessed them. It was only after encountering Shigechi that he learnt of these abilities and that each Stand user was different. He then had an interest in finding these other Stand users and the nature of their powers.

Powers and abilities

Upon gaining Stand powers, he manifested his own such ability that he called Killer Queen (キラークイーン Kirā Kuīn) that took the form of a white skinned somewhat cat-faced humanoid with fox-skull emblems on the shoulders, waists and knees. It was described as a Stand with short range melee abilities ranging from 2-3 meters that was weak in close combat with this being a reflection of Yoshikage's desire to avoid combat. As with other Stands, Kira's own ability stemmed from his desire to leave no evidence of his killings behind. Thus, the Stand's primary abilities involved explosions in some manner with the ability to turn anything it touched into a booby trapped bomb including doorknobs, coins and even living people. Any such item that was touched was charged by the Stand's ability and had the capacity to explode. Anything that touched the booby-trapped bomb had the explosive energy conducted into it and created an internal explosion. This could be used to erase a person upon detonation leaving no trace of their body behind to find. On some occasions, Kira could simply charge the object in order to not conduct explosive energy but simply explode when the time was right allowing him to use it to create traps. When ready to be activated, his Killer Queen manifested a button on its hand that it pressed in order to trigger the explosive detonation.

His Stand also had a secondary ability that was another bomb which he called Sheer Heart Attack (シアーハートアタック Shiā Hāto Atakku) that was normally kept within the Killer Queen's left hand. Once activated, this completely autonomous bomb manifested as a tank-traded ball with a fox-skull face. Unlike his own Stand, this ability had unlimited range where it attacked its targets based on their head signature. As a result, the warmest person or object became a target for the bomb where it induced an explosion upon reaching the vicinity. Sheer Heart Attack was able to determine if it detonated by an non-living object instead of its actual prey. Thus, after detonation, it simply reformed and pursued its target once again. Another key feature of Sheer Heart Attack was that it was completely indestructible with it able to withstand countless blows from the likes of Stands such as Jotaro's Star Platinum without suffering from any damage to it.

After being pierced by the a second time Arrow, Yoshikage's Stand gained a new power called Another One Bites the Dust (キラー・クイーン バイツァ・ダスト Kirā Kuīn Baitsa Dasuto) that allowed Killer Queen which was his tertiary bomb. This bomb actually took the form of a smaller version of Killer Queen that was deployed on his command. Its existence came as a result of Kira's intense desire to preserving his secret after being forced to kill Hayato. As a result, the Stand gained the ability to manipulate time to an extent to undo events that harmed the user. The miniature Killer Queen was typically placed within another person where it resided in their eyes and was tasked with defending its user from discovery. Thus, if anyone attempted to discern Kira's identity then the Stand activated and journeyed from the person's eye into those that discovered his identity. Once there, it proceeded to kill anyone that had learnt the truth by inducing an explosion that killed them brutally. Another One Bites the Dust was capable of achieving this against multiple targets so long as they had field of vision. After detonation, a brief time loop was activated that extended to either a few hours earlier or the day earlier thus repeating events of the time. Only the person that served as the tertiary bomb and Kira himself were aware of the time loop though Yoshikage was only aware of the fact that a loop occurred but not the events that triggered it. Within the loop, the deaths became a fixed point and would not change so long as the Stand's power was in place with the death of people occuring even if the events did not follow the exact order originally. An example of this was with Rohan who was killed after using his power to learn Kira's identity from Hayato. During the subsequent loops, Hayato avoided Rohan but he still died at the precise time he did in the original event as this was his destined fate so long as Another One Bites the Dust was active. The loop remained the case until it was dispelled by the Stand user which they did if they needed Killer Queen for combat as they could only maintain a single bomb at a time. Thus, Another One Bites the Dust being active prevented Killer Queen from using the other bomb abilities. It was said that the ability activated only when Kira experienced despair and felt trapped.

In the end, Kira began to make use of a new ability that was actually another Stand which was Stray Cat (ストレイ・キャット Sutorei Kyatto). The creature was placed within a small space behind the stomach of Killer Queen that was hollow. Once there, Stray Cat became hostile to anything with its line of sight. Stray Cat operated by firing balls of air pressure that were fired and did a great deal of damage to those struck by it. These bubbles were invisible even to Stand users except for the distortion they created in the air. The larger the bubble the bigger the distortion whereas smaller ones were somewhat difficult to see when launched. Through Killer Queen's power, Kira was able to turn the air bubbles into explosive projectiles that he could detonate when they reached their target. The nature of the air bubbles meant that they could bypass obstacles through cracks in the surface or if sliced in half the bubbles continued moving through Killer Queen's power. This provided Kira's Stand with a powerful ranged attack that was typically invisible to his enemies. However, the explosive nature of the Stand meant that he could not use it in close quarters as the blast could harm him as well. Stray Cat also used these air bubbles to protect itself from harm by creating air pockets to prevent physical strikes from hitting it. It did this even without Yoshikage's command thus operating somewhat independently from him. Kira retained this ability so long as Stray Cat remained in the abdomenal compartment in Killer Queen.


  • Yoshikage Kira was created by Hirohiko Araki.
  • In translations, his Stand was referred to as Deadly Queen even though the dialogue says Killer Queen.

In other media

Video games

  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, Yoshikage Kira appeared as a playable fighter in the fighting video game where he was voiced by actor Rikiya Koyama.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, Yoshikage Kira appeared as a playable fighter and featured in the story mode of the fighting game where he was voiced by actor Rikiya Koyama.


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable:

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