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Zarbon in his normal form

Tall, blue, and handsome, Zarbon was one of Frieza's top soldiers, and his single most powerful henchman (excluding the individual members of the Ginyu Force). A formidable opponent, Zarbon possessed the remarkable ability to increase his speed and strength by transforming into a hideous monster. Few knew of this ability and still lived, because Zarbon almost never transformed unless he had to. The reason he hated transforming is because the process distorted his handsome features and his smooth voice.

Zarbon accompanied Frieza to Namek, where he was forced to transform to defeat Vegeta, and although Vegeta had known Zarbon for most of his life, the Saiyan prince had absolutely no knowledge of this ability. Thus, he was well unprepared in their first battle. The second time Zarbon faced Vegeta, he again transformed to keep up with him.

Although he transformed, this time it was Zarbon who underestimated Vegeta. The Saiyan prince fired a blast point blank into his chest that blew a huge hole right through Zarbon's armor and him, killing him and shooting his dead corpse into the waters.

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