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William Boone is a male television character that features in Earth: Final Conflict.



Early life

When he became an adult, Boone became one of many soldiers that participated in the brutal global conflict on Earth known as the SI War. There, he was part of a platoon where one of his subordinates was Liam Neville Kincaid. They participated in the invasion of Taiwan, however, it was later revealed that they had recieved faulty intelligence as they fell before a brutal ambush that killed many members of the unit. The entire platoon was killed with only Boone and Kincaid as the only survivors. After returning back to the United States, Boone decided to step away from his military career and became a police officer. (Episode: Message in a Bottle)

Serving the Companions

William Boone was one of the many police officers that were enlisted to protect the arrival of the North American Companion known as Da'an. He gave a number of security procedures for the Taelons public speech but some of them were denied by the Companion's Protector Ronald Sandoval. It was then that an assassination attempt came against Da'an's life which instead seemingly killed businessman Jonathan Doors. After chasing the shooter, Boone discovered it to be his old friend Eddie but he allowed him to escape. Later, he was approached by Da'an who wanted William Boone to serve as his aide but Boone refused stating that he wanted to start a life with his wife. Later, his wife was murdered in an apparent car accident and the distraught Boone was later approached by the Mayor who had recieved a request from the Companions who wanted William Boone to serve at Da'an's side. Boone was transported to the Taelon Embassy in the region by Captain Lili Marquette who served as a Taelon shuttle pilot. There, he learnt of the CVI and his role as chief of security as well as director of interspecies relations. When leaving, he was taken by Marquette to meet the Liberation who were revealed to be led by Jonathan Doors who had in fact faked his death. They claimed that the Taelons had ulterior more sinister motives on Earth and wanted Boone to help them. In addition, they revealed that the CVI implant was designed to force him to be loyal to the Taelons and also that they had engineered the death of his wife. Boone accepted and recieved a re-engineered CVI allowing him to be free of the motivational imperative to the Taelons and began to work as Da'an's aide as well as an undercover operative for the Liberation movement. (Episode: Decision)


Three years later, the Taelons and their arch foes the Jaridians had both perished in an attempt at saving themselves from genetic extinction. However, this act only brought about the resurrection of their original precursor race; the aggressive Atavus who sought to reconquer the Earth. (Episode: Unearthed) After facing some opposition to their plans, it was their ally Ronald Sandoval who suggested using a bait to entrap their foe Renee Palmer. To that end, Sandoval had William Boone reconstitueted to serve as part of this trap by having him implanted with locator nanites. Unaware of his role, he was sent back to Earth with no memory of events since the time he was wounded. Upon being returned to the surface via Portal, he went about to find his sister Sarah Boone and learnt of the passage of time since he had been away. His first act was to get a Global in order to contact his old friends and his sister provided him with his own which she had kept over the years. Using the link, he attempted to make contact with Auger but his Global was no longer operational and neither were the other contacts. Though he failed, he instead relied on an old email secure email address that Auger used to operate as one final gamble though he suspected it might not work. Through that, he attracted the attention of Renee Palmer and met in the Half Planet Cafe where he was initially dismissive of her as he did not believe her stories of the Atavus. He ultimately joined her on a sabotage mission to destroy any remaining Atavan hybrid chambers onboard the Taelon mothership. However, instead, he sought to get revenge on Ronald Sandoval but was captured by the former FBI agent. It was only Renee who saved him but she had to abandon her sabotage mission and the pair later retreated to Earth. At first, Palmer was angry with Boone for failing in the mission but the pair later reconciled and Boone even fell in love with Renee. He later took his sister Sarah to the old resistance headquarters to safeguard her but she insisted on helping them against the Atavus. During a scouting run, she informed Boone that she found an Atavus base leading to William along with Renee moving into examine the location. Once there, he battled Howlyn and managed to seemingly kill the Atavan leader with an energy knife though the Atavus simply regenerated. Unknown to Boone, his sister had been transformed into a hybrid and Howlyn commanded her to kill Boone. In order to save his life, Renee shot Sarah Boone and killed her as a result leaving William Boone in despair over her death. After mourning her death, he decided to leave in isolation in order to put his life back together. Before departing, he told Renee that he did not blame her for her actions and also said to Juliet Street that she reminded him of his sister. (Episode: Boones Awakening)

Retreating to the Himalayas, he enjoyed a quiet life of meditation and peaceful contemplation. His retreat was disturbed when Renee Palmer came to see him and recruit his help in defeating the Atavus. She had recently learnt from a mapping crystal the location of other Atavus stasis hives. Initially, he was reluctant to do so but the temple he resided in was attacked by Ronald Sandoval along with Frank Tate as well as some hybrids. Quickly going with Palmer, he went back to the United States in order to help Renee in fighting the Atavus by attacking a sleeping Atavan sleeping hive and succeeding in destroying it. After learning of this, Howlyn desired an Atavus warrior with the appropriate knowledge of a Human mindset to kill William Boone. As no such Atavus existed, Sandoval suggested using a deceased Taelon with such knowledge and bonding it with an Atavus. This led to the resurrection of Zo'or who was given an ultimatum; bond with an Atavus or die. Zo'or agreed and bonded with a deceased female Atavus thus resurrecting him as a member of that ancestral species. She was quickly sent to Earth in order to track down Boone where she killed one of the soldiers in his resistance team. When Boone went to check on the soldier, he discovered Zo'ors mark from her days in the Taelon Synod leading him to conclude that the former Taelon leader was now alive. Using the Atavus mapping crystal, they attracted Zo'or's attention into an abandoned warehouse where Boone fought against her. Zo'or attempted to goad Boone by reminding him of all the losses inflicted on him by the Taelons and Atavus. During the fight, Boone was overwhelmed by the superior strength of the Atavan Zo'or. However, both Boone and Palmer tricked Zo'or into fighting amongst some pipes that contained liquid nitrogen. Rupturing the pipes, the cold gases quickly froze Zo'or and defeated her but Sandoval emerged with a weapon pointed at the pair. Demanding the mapping crystal, Renee threw it to him which distracted Sandoval long enough for William Boone to knock him off and allow the pair to escape. Despite their victory, Boone felt that pairing up with Renee meant that they would both be in danger and thus sought to fight alone so that the command structure of the anti-Atavus resistance was not affected in case they were both killed. He gave his farewells once more to Palmer and Street before leaving the lair. (Episode: Boones Assassin)

Boone was later killed during a hybrid uprising with knowledge of his demise instantly becoming known to the last Taelon known as Ra'jel. (Episode: The Journey)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

In terms of education, William Boone held a Masters in Criminal Justice. (Episode: Law and Order)

Boone had experience as a field medic allowing him to treat several injuries. (Episode: Boones Assassin)



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