50,000 years ago

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50,000 years ago

  • DC (Pre-Crisis Earth-2): 50,000 years ago. A primitive human is exposed to the energies of a mysterious meteor, becoming basically immortal. In the eons to come, he will be known as Vandal Savage. (DC Villains Secret Files)
  • DC Animated: 45,500 BC. King Poseidon staves off an invasion led by Icthultu. However, the magic that keeps Atlantis afloat is drained and the city sinks into the ocean. (Justice League "The Terror Beyond, Part 2")

40,000 years ago

  • Marvel: 40,000 years ago. A primitive human is taken and analyzed by a Plodex ship. This human will eventually become the Master. (The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition #8)

30,000 years ago

  • Amalgam: 30,000 years ago. The New Asgods of the Nine Worlds rise to godhood. (Thorion of the New Asgods #1; based on the assumption that this event in Amalgam history paralleled the events in the DC Universe)
  • Star Wars (Expanded Universe): c. 25,186 BC (c. 27,000 BBY) (nearly 27,200 years ago). The first human colonists arrive at Alderaan after many centuries of travel, and discover the remnants of the lost Killik civilization. (The Illustrated Star Wars Universe and The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons)

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