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The Abyss is the Outer Plane representing the concept of chaotic evil, known fully as the Infinite Layers of the Abyss.



Originally reputed to consist of 666 layers, each encompassing its own brand of hideous evil, it has since been shown to hold many more than that, over 679 (the number catalogued by the Fraternity of Order of Sigil). Some even propose that the plane holds an infinite variety of evil layers (hence its common name). The Abyss is the realm of the demons, primarily the group known as tanar'ri, which have defeated and suppressed other groups such as the cataboligne demons. Many layers of the Abyss are ruled by particularly powerful demons known as abyssal lords, while others are the domains of dark gods.

Named and Numbered Layers of the Abyss

Gord the Rogue

The Abyss's layers were configured differently, with many sets of layers ruled by individual abyssal lords, particularly a huge territory (over 100 layers) controlled by Graz'zt.

D20 (Green Ronin)

The Abyss was once ruled by the qlippoth, a race of primal demons which were ousted due to attacks from the tanar'ri and the eladrin.


There are numerous other layers which have been identified over the years (as well as a huge number of third-party and unofficial layers).

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