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Agamotto is an comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




Some claimed that he was the first Sorcerer Supreme of the planet Earth with this being during a time when magic was not of the occult but currency. (New Avengers v2 #5) At some point, he crafted the Moebius Stone that was an item of power that could manipulate time. Eons ago, it was placed in the Temple of Agamotto where the sacred grounds were trespassed by Doctor Druid and his love who had bested the guards to get the Moebius Stone only to be confronted by its guardian. Agamotto was said to had been so angered by this act that his sentinel shattered the Moebius Stone into a thousand fragments. At some point, he had a agent that served his interests on Earth who served as the Pale Horseman that was armed with the Sword of Bone to do his masters will. (Secret Defenders v1 #16) A million years ago, he was on Earth where he was joined by likes of the Phoenix, Odin, Black Panther, Iron Fist, a Spirit of Vengeance and a Starbrand in defending the world against a renegade Celestial known as the Fallen. They defeated the creature and buried it within the Earth to prevent it from summoning the Final Host to destroy Earth. (Marvel Legacy v1 #1)

He grew displeased with Doctor Strange and decided to reclaim his relics that included the Eye, Amulet and the Orb with him bringing the Sorcerer Supreme to him. Strange was involved in a quest to save Eternity and had allied with Galactus with him loaning the Eye to the World Devoured. As a result, Agamotto sought the return of his property and cared little about the cosmic disaster that threatened Eternity. Stephen Strange was helpless before Agamotto but summoned Galactus to this dimension. This resulted in Agamotto and Galactus fighting one another in a great battle. During the fight, Dr. Strange freed himself and called forth the other members of the Vishanti. They convinced Agamotto to stop his conflict where he returned his relics and allowed the trespassers to return to their respective dimensions. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #43)

In the aftermath, he decided to reclaim the Eye of Agamotto as he feared that it was the only power that could defeat him. (New Avengers v2 #6) With the Vishanti no more, the mystic power of the universe was in flux leading to Agamotto not being the being he once was in the past. As such, he sought to reclaim the Eye by attacking Earth where he stated that Earth's dimension meant nothing to him anymore. He attempted to claim the All-Seeing Eye where he overpowered by the Avengers and nearly succeeded until the new Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Voodoo dispelled Agamotto. Thus, a sorcerer's challenge was initiated whereby Dr. Voodoo fought a mystical death match against Agamotto. (New Avengers v2 #5) Wolverine volunteered to be spiritually empowered by the Avengers in his battle as the vessel against Agamotto who intended to fold Earth's dimension and erase all its inhabitants. During the battle, Dr. Voodoo entered into the fight and succeeded in destroying Agamotto by casting him out only to die in the process. (New Avengers v2 #6)


Personality and attributes

Due to his power, he was able to change his form and take any shape he desired such as that of a caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. (Doctor Strange v2 #1) Though ultimately he was not a corporeal being and could take any number of forms such as the visage of a tiger when he joined with the other members of the Vishanti. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #43)

He said that he had a duty towards the entire Multiverse. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #43) It was claimed that he had good things to say about Earth. (Doctor Strange v2 #78) However, on one occasion, he was willing to allow Earth's universe to be destroyed. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #43)

Powers and abilities

Such was his power that he was able to easily possess a multitude of individuals at a single moment. (New Avengers v2 #5)

A spell that called on his power was Agamotto's Light was an scorching light of self-realization and could be used to free a person from possession by burning the right through the entity in hold a body. (Alpha Flight v1 #94)

He came to reside in a realm known as the Light Dimension with this being uncharted by others. (New Avengers v2 #5) His world could be accessed through the Orb of Agamotto with this being a realm of 'unreality'. To exist this dimension, one had to find the absolute center of the Orb. (Doctor Strange v2 #1)

These memory baubles contained events in the Multiverse that he could view again as a recording. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #43)

Among his relics was the Moebius Stone of Agamotto that was a talisman that could manipulate temporal that possessed limitless potential and could tamper with the fabric of reality. (Secret Defenders v1 #16)


  • Agamotto was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko where he made his first appearance in Strange Tales v1 #115 (December, 1963).
  • In a preface to the Dr. Strange story in The Origin of Marvel Comics, co-creator Stan Lee explained that while many people assumed such names to be distorted allusions to real-world spiritual terminology, he "just made 'em up." In the Modern Greek language, Agamotto's name is transliterated using slightly different vowels in order to avoid an unfortunate resemblance to a vulgar phrase.
  • The character appears in Marvel Premiere #5 (November 1972), #8 (May 1973), Doctor Strange #1 (June 1974), #5 (December 1974), Marvel Team-Up #77 (January 1979), Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #6-7 (August–September 1989), #32 (August 1991), #43 (July 1992), #48-50 (December 1992-February 1993), #54 (June 1993), #72 (December 1994), and Secret Defenders #25 (March 1995).
  • Agamotto appeared as part of the "Vishanti" entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update '89 #8.

In other media


  • In Avengers Assemble, Agamotto appeared as an antagonist in the two-part episode "The Eye of Agamotto" where he was voiced by actor Corey Burton. He was described as being the worlds first Sorcerer Supreme who reigned thousands of years ago but he became power hungry leading to his banishment from Earth. Prior to being exiled, his eye was taken and used to create the Eye of Agamotto that was passed on to future Sorcerer Supreme's. In the modern age, he broke through back to Earth at temple where the dimensional barriers were weak where he appeared as a person asking the Avengers for help in finding Doctor Strange. However, this was a trick as Agamotto took his true golden form where he attempted to reclaim the Eye for himself. He used a Shadowcurse to create evil shadow clones of the Avengers to fight his enemies. Ultimately, he was defeated by the Hulk who was given the Eye of Agamotto allowing his physical strikes to attack the sorcerer who was forced back into the dimensional breach.


  • In Doctor Strange, Agamotto was referenced in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was said to had been the first Sorcerer Supreme that had found the Infinity Stone that became the Eye of Agamotto which could control time. Agamotto was responsible for creating the Masters of the Mystic Arts that defended the world form magical threats and built four sanctums to serve as their bases to serve as shields around Earth.


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