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The C-Virus is a virus that features in Resident Evil.



The C-Virus was developed in 2001 where it was designed by Dr. Carla Radames who specialized in virology and bio-weapons in order to impress his employer Derek C. Simmons. It was a viral strain developed from the Progenitor Virus with the T-Veronica Virus used in its development to become the latest form of Bio-Organic Weapons. Dr. Radames managed to remove the T-Veronica Virus need for a host to enter into a hibernation state in order for it to co-exist with its host. The resultant virus was designated t-02 and the G-Virus virus genome was added into it as the next step in its evolution. Carla had attained that sample of the virus through the regular blood samples taken from Sherry Birkin allowing her to complete this part of the developmental cycle.

Among the first known uses of the virus was as a health preserving drug that was administered to mercenary soldiers in internecine conflicts in eastern Europe. After its use there, many J'avo-like creatures began to emerge all around the world. This led to its existence being uncovered by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance whose researchers took time to fully understand the new viral strain.


The 'Chrysalid' Virus was named for the fact that it encased its human hosts in a cocoon-like shell before the final mutation. It was an RNA virus that corroded the blood cells of the infected causing strange insect-like mutations. Upon exposure, the virus turned their human hosts into creatures that were known as J'avo who were mutated in horrific ways. Infected subjects entered into a state of intense febrility where their body heat increased exponentially and following damage sustained on the body it would regenerate from wounds whilst becoming even hotter. As such, whilst a J'avo may heal or mutate damaged limbs or body parts but the body heat generated would increase to the point that they succumbed to their wounds whereupon the corpse burst into flames. Some of those infected exhibited similar symptoms when entering into the Chrysalid state where their bodies engulfed into flames before the hardened cocoon encased them entirely. The hosts were in a continuous state of mutation that usually occurred in specific sections of the body. When damaged, the virus's regenerative properties attempts to repair any damage sustained with these replacing the normal human tissue with chitinous insect-like appendages. In some cases, the repairs even took on a more utilitarian purpose as they replaced entire limbs with weapon appendages such as scythes or shields or even wings allowing the infected to fly. This proceeded until the host's entire body was covered in a tough cocoon-like structure where inside the chrysalid the virus dissolved the body's composition that was reformed allowing the organism to be reborn as a completely different type of creature that was called a complete mutation.

Experiments later led to a new enhanced C-Virus strain that that was bolstered with the properties in Jake Muller's blood thus re-engineering the viral infection into a more potent virus. Unlike the normal C-Virus, the enhanced version removed the need for any chrysalis stage and strengthened the host who continued to mutate indefinitely into new forms without comprising its cellular integrity. Despite its potency, the enhanced C-Virus was incredibly difficult to manufacture with only limited amounts of it being created.

In time, a vaccine known as Anti-C was created that had varying effects as it for non-infected it afforded them immunity whilst those infected had a small margin of survival and those within the mutation phase were killed by the cure. Despite its use, it was believed that it was only a matter of time before the C-Virus evolved and counteracted the effects of the vaccine.


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  • In the novel Biohazard to the Liberty (2002), an unrelated virus known as the C-Virus was created by Umbrella researcher Dr. Robert Chang that mutated the host to their psychological needs and instilled a desire to achieve perfection.


  • Resident Evil:

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