Captain Ginyu

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Captain Ginyu

Captain Ginyu was leader of the Ginyu Force. Ginyu was a tall, purple-skinned humanoid alien with large black horns growing from the sides of his slightly oversized cranium. By far the strongest of the Ginyu Force with a power level of 120,000, Ginyu was still no match for Goku. He realized this early in their battle, and fooled Goku into thinking he would surrender. Then, as Goku watched in horror, Ginyu punched a bloody hole into his own chest and then used his singular special ability, which is the power to swap bodies with anyone he choose by shouting, "Change now!"

After successfully trading bodies with Goku, he easily fooled Gohan and Krillin, who did not realize what had happened. Later a weakened Goku arrived on the scene to announce that Ginyu had not mastered his fighting techniques inside Goku’s body, and so he was still vulnerable. The others ganged up on him until he was forced to attempt a body swap with Vegeta, although Goku jumped in the way of the body-changing beam before it hit Vegeta, and as a result Ginyu was back in his old, wounded body. Vegeta, taking advantage of this, proceeded to pound the living daylights out of Ginyu. This was exactly what Ginyu wanted, and he attempted to use the body swap on Vegeta one last time. Goku however caught and threw a frog into the path of the beam, and Ginyu instead changed bodies with the amphibian.

Ginyu managed to trick his way into switching bodies with Bulma, but was soon sent back to his frog body. He remained trapped in that body thereafter, and was eventually transported to Earth with the Namekians during Goku's final battle with Frieza.

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