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Krillin (736 - May 7, 753; May 9, 753 - December 24, 762; May 3, 763 - May 8, 774; May 8, 774 - 790; 790 - ?) was a warrior of short stature, but with great power; also Goku's best friend. Krillin was a monk from the Orinji Temple sect. As a child there, he was frequently belittled by older monks at the Temple. As part of his training there, he shaved his head so that his hair couldn't be grabbed by an opponent in battle.

Krillin eventually sought out Master Roshi, at the same time as Goku. The two began as rivals, but eventually became friends as they trained together. Krillin fought (along with Goku) at two World Martial Arts Tournaments. However, he was slain by Tambourine, one of King Piccolo's spawn. He was resurrected by the Dragon Balls.

Krillin later helped Goku and company fight the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa, and was one of the few to survive that devastating battle. Along with Gohan and Bulma, Krillin travelled to Planet Namek to find their set of Dragon Balls. This eventually led Krillin into battle with Frieza's forces, ultimately resulting in his death at the hands of Frieza himself.

He was resurrected a Namekian year (153 days) later by the Namekian Dragon Balls and the Eternal Dragon of Namek, Porunga. Krillin trained to battle the androids, but played only a minor role in the battle against them and Cell; however, he did fall in love with Android 18. After the Cell Games, Krillin let his hair grow back, and married 18, having a daughter named Maron. Krillin remained on the sidelines through most of the remaining battles, although he was eaten by Super Buu.

Dragon Ball GT

He was also possessed by the Tuffles, then slain by a maddened Android 17 (he was ultimately resurrected by the Dragon Balls after the defeat of the Evil Shenrons).


Krillin's particular special techniques included the Destructo Disc.


In Dragon Ball movie #3: Mystical Adventure, his name was changed to "Bongo."

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