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65 million years ago: The era of the dinosaurs. In present-day Megakat City, the Pastmaster opens a Time Vortex and summons a Megasaurus Rex from this era which then knocks the Swat Kats in the Turbokat through the portal. After several encounters with dinosaurs they are able to use a volcanic gas mixture as fuel for their jet and escape back to modern times when the Pastmaster conveniently opens another Time Vortex. (The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice)

800 years ago: The time of Megalith City. The Pastmaster is sealed away in the Casket of the Ages and buried in what would become an ordinary graveyard in modern-day Megakat City. However, the Pastmaster would soon return from the future (freed from his prison 800 years later by grave robbers) and begin wreaking havoc on Megalith City once more. In summoning a cyclops from Mythic times, he accidentally draws the Swat Kats into the Dark Ages from the modern era (as whenever the Pastmaster opens a Time Vortex, similar vortices appear in all other time periods). The two vigilantes then team up to stop him from forcing Megalith City's ruler, Queen Callista, to marry him, and the Pastmaster is seemingly destroyed when his dragon is hit with the Dragon Sword Missile. (The Pastmaster Always Rings Twuce & Bride of the Pastmaster)

50 years ago: Mega War II. The Red Lynx is the most feared pilot to fly the skies until the Blue Manx enters the war. After a fierce dogfight above Megakat City, the Blue Manx succeeds in shooting down the Red Lynx, who crashes into the bay. (The Ghost Pilot)

?: A year or more before the events of The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. Dark Kat first appears. Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson are kicked out of the Enforcers and become the Swat Kats. (The Wrath of Dark Kat)

?: At least a few months before the events of The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. Dr. N. Zyme and Dr. Elrod Purvis create Viper Mutagen 368. Purvis becomes Doctor Viper and has his first encounter with the Swat Kats. (The Origin of Dr. Viper)

?: Two months before the events of The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice. Mac and Molly Mange are killed escaping from Alkatraz. Their bodies are discovered by the servant robots of Professor Hackle. The kindly old inventor transplants their minds into the bodies of the servant robots. (The Metallikats)

?: The series officially begins. Events of The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice - The Pastmaster is freed, then knocked back into the Dark Ages. First appearance of Commander Ulysses Feral, Dr. Abby Sinian, and the Enforcer Sergeant.

?: Events of The Giant Bacteria - First appearance of Ann Gora. Mayor Manx has served ten terms as mayor. Morbulus is mutated into a giant bacteria monster. Dr. Zyme is (apparently) killed.

July: Events of The Wrath of Dark Kat - Dark Kat returns. First appearance of Lt. Commander Steele. First appearance of Jonny K. and Al. (A calendar indicates it is July.)

?: Events of Destructive Nature - The Megakat Tower is built, then destroyed. First appearance of Mr. Young.

?: Two more months after the events of The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice (?). Events of The Metallikats - Mac and Molly Mange return as the Metallikats and seek revenge. Katscratch is killed.

?: Events of Bride of the Pastmaster - The Swat Kats battle oil-sucking eels, then are pulled back into the Dark Ages by a Time Vortex. They return shortly thereafter and are called upon by Callie Briggs.

?: Events of Night of the Dark Kat - Dark Kat steals the Turbokat and frames the Swat Kats as criminals. First appearance of Hard Drive.

?: Events of Chaos in Crystal - First appearance of Dr. Lieter Greenbox. Rex Shard is turned into a crystal giant by the Gemkat 6000. Warden Cyrus Meece is killed.

50 years after Mega War II: Mayor Manx runs for reelection in what will be his 11th term as mayor. The Red Lynx's sunken biplane is found by Abner Doolittle. The ghost of the long dead enemy pilot then comes back to life and seeks revenge against the Mayor, and is eventually defeated (possibly for good) by Manx. (The Ghost Pilot)

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