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  • 1998: GURPS Infinite Worlds - Paul van Zandt publicly publishes his discoveries in parachronics and announces the incorporation of Infinity Unlimited and its subsidiaries, including White Star Trading, Parachronic Laboratories, and Infinity Development. He also offers parachronic travel and technology to anyone interested, so long as they recognize Infinity's control over it and observe certain limits (such as keeping the Secret). Van Zandt also sets up the Infinity Patrol to enforce Infinity policies over parachronics. National governments react with outrage and almost force Van Zandt to have his technology internationalized and suppressed, until he shows them something in a closed session of the UN Security Council that makes them agree to his terms. The Interworld Treaty is drawn up and ratified by most of the UN member states. (GURPS Time Travel, GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns, GURPS Infinite Worlds)

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