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Clan Yashida is a group that features in Marvel Comics.



They were one of the noblest, richest and most powerful family in Japan who could trace their lineage back by almost 2,000 years. (Wolverine v1 #1) A thousand years ago, certain mystics near the first millennium believed that a prophesied doom could be averted by stopping time itself though others argued for hastening the end of the world so that they could pass into the next one. Clan Yashida participated in an experiment in this time but it was not known which side the family supported. The mysterious experiment was conducted at the ancient temple-complex of Tangkor Marat in Thailand but the warriors of the clan was frozen in time. This anomaly remained in place for a thousand years as an entity known as the Doombringer attempted to emerge into the world. This event was recorded in the histories of Clan Yashida though much of the details were unknown. (Wolverine: Doombringer v1 #1) Around 800 years ago, the supreme swordsmith Masamune forged the honor sword of Clan Yashida. (Wolverine v1 #2)

Whilst Mariko took control of the Clan, Shingen's other son the Silver Samurai arrived in order to stake his claim to control over the Yashidas. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #172)

Following the death of Mariko, the Yashida's had been very unsteady during the leadership of Lord Nyoirin. Shinobi Shaw offered to vote to aid in reinstating the Clan Yashida in exchange for Nyoirin's support. (X-Men v2 #21)

Ogun's followers in the Path of Destiny captured Kitty Pryde and threatened to kill her pet dragon Lockheed to which she offered to steal the Sword of Secrets Ginrei from Clan Yashida. (X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame v1 #4)

A group of Clan Yashida members that served the Silver Samurai later betrayed him and became the Renegade Twenty. These members sought to end the time stasis around the Temple of Tangkor Marat in the hopes of controlling the Doombringer for power and profit. (Wolverine: Doombringer v1 #1)

The Clan was splintered by this point and lacked a clear leader with seven attempting to take the position in the span of two years. (New Avengers v1 #11) By this point, the Hand attempted an re-organization of the Japanese criminal underworld and sought an partnership with Clan Yashida to further their goals. (New Avengers v1 #12)

Following the death of Wolverine, Lady Deathstrike sought to cancel a debt she owed by recovering the honor blade of Clan Yashida. (Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy v1 #4)


In its day, the Clan was said to had ruled the Japanese underworld. It managed to bring in ten times more money than other high ranking criminals with Yashida also shedding ten times more blood in the process. (New Avengers v1 #11) Due to Shingen, the clan's involvement in criminal affairs was stated to be extensive. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #172)

Leadership of Clan Yashida was held by the Daimyo. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #172)

One of their most prized possessions was the honor sword that had been forged by Masamune who made it centuries ago. (Wolverine v1 #2) It was generally not worn by the lord of the clan but by the samurai who best exemplified the spiritual and physical perfection that they all strived for in their lives. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #174) Clan Yashida was also in possession of one of the five Japanese Swords of Secrets with them holding Ginrei, the Silver Spirit. (X-Men: Kitty Pryde: Shadow & Flame v1 #4)

Their ancestral stronghold was situated in the hills overlooking the port city of Agarashima in Miyago Prefecture that was roughly 300 clicks up the road from Tokyo. (Wolverine v1 #1) The site was known as the Fortress Yashida which was where the leaders of the Clan gathered. (New Avengers v1 #12)


  • Shingen Yashida : male Japanese who was lord of the manor and lord of clan Yashida with him being Mariko’s father. (Wolverine v1 #1)
  • Mariko Yashida :
  • Keniuchio Harada :


  • Clan Yashida was created by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller where they made their first appearance in Wolverine v1 #1 (September, 1982).

Alternate Versions

  • In X-Men Forever v2 (2010), Clan Yashida featured in an alternate setting where they were headed by Lady Mariko Yashida. The Silver Samurai cemented an alliance between the Yashida's and Matsu’o Tsurabaya who was the premier Oyabun of the Hand. It was revealed that Mariko Yashida was the leader of the Consortium that was a secret conspiracy of humans that sought to eliminate Mutants.
  • In Wolverine: MAX v1 (2012), the Yashida Clan appeared in the alternate world setting. Around 150 years ago, Victor Creed was working for Machi-Yako who was helping the Shogunate clan against the Yashida Clan with them being called rapists, killers and thieves. The Shogunate desired the Yashida's sword that was a sacred part of their traditions with them believing it brought good fortune with Creed along with Logan sent to take it from the samurai Shingen Yashida. Logan who was operating as a monk at the time fell in love with Shingen's daughter Mariko Yashida and later sided with her in opposing Creed's plan to take the sword. By the modern day, Yami Yashida was a descendant of the family who became Logan's lover but she was bribed with money to detonate a plane that they were on in order to kill him. After the explosion, she survived in the water but was later eaten by a shark before Logan could save her.

In other media


  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, Clan Yashida did not appear nor was mentioned in the animated series. However, Mariko and the Silver Samurai appeared in the episode "Code of Conduct". The Silver Samurai was said to be part of a Japanese Yakuza criminal clan that believed in a code of honor and conduct. Years ago, the Silver Samurai battled Wolverine for Mariko where they were not allowed to use their Mutant powers. Mariko ultimately decided to marry Silver Samurai despite her love for Logan. By the modern day, the Silver Samurai sought leadership of the clan but his earlier defeat by Logan was a mark on his honor. Thus, he forced a new duel with Wolverine only to lose after he tried to use his powers to kill Logan leading to the clan disbarring him for his dishonorable actions.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Yashida Clan was mentioned in the animated television series in the episode "Widow's Sting" where it operated in Japan and was run by a man called Gorgon. Viper approached them entering into an alliance with Hydra where she reported her findings to Baron Strucker.
  • In Marvel Anime: Wolverine, Clan Yashida was not mentioned in the animated series though Shingen Yashida was stated to be in charge of a Japanese criminal syndicate called the Kuzuryū. They were named after the mythic nine headed dragon and were one of the most vicious gangs of the Yakuza that received backing from A.I.M. The syndicate was responsible for attacking Wolverine and taking Mariko Yashida from him in order to end the romance between the pair. Shingen desired his daughter to marry the Madripoor crime lord Hideki Kurohagi in order to further his own power base. After learning of this event, Logan came into conflict with them as he sought to rescue his love Mariko.


  • In The Wolverine, the Yashida family featured heavily in the plotline of the live-action movie. During World War II, one of their number was Ichirō Yashida who was a soldier in the Japanese army with his life saved by Wolverine. In the aftermath, Yashida established the Yashida Zaibatsu corporation and had a powerful family that were protected by the Black Clan of ninjas. His son was Shingen Yashida and Ichirō had a granddaughter in Mariko Yashida. Ichirō ultimately planned to steal Logan's healing factor in order to live immortal. After Ichirō and Shingen's death, Mariko became the new head of the family.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, the Yashida family featured in the plot setting of the MMORPG video game with Yukio serving as their representative and asking the heroes to retrieve the shards of the Muramasa Blade for her on Madripoor.


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