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Shingen Harada is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Shingen Harada was the Japanese son of Keniuchio Harada who was the crime lord known as the Silver Samurai. When he was young, his mother developed cancer with the boy being by her side until the day she died with her fathering never coming to them. Afterwards, he was taken in by an orphanage where he was regularly bullied by the other children with his father never coming to support him. The young Shingen created his first battlesuit which he used to beat up his bullies after which he decided he needed to grow up fast and never need anyone's help. (Wolverine v2 #301)

He reluctantly agreed to help his foes who tasked him with eliminating the heads of the Yakuza otherwise they intended to kill him and have Mystique accomplish the deed by taking his form. At the meeting, he was crowned the new head of Clan Yashida which was when Shingen murdered the other Yakuza bosses. He then went to meet Amiko who fought with him as she refused to have anything to do with him after he sided with the Hand leading to Kobayashi breaking up with him. After being attacked by Yukio, he fled and joined with Creed where he alongside his new allies they massacred the heads of the East Asian crime families allowing Sabretooth to rule as the invisible king of crime in that part of the world. (Wolverine v2 #303)

Harada accompanied Mystique as the pair sought to recruit Dos Santos who had developed her Mutant power to become Shark Girl with them battling Angel. (Wolverine and the X-Men v1 #20)

He attended the meeting of the Universal Bank consisting of the richest and most influential forces on the planet where they had come to discuss the secret actions of Dario Agger. The head of Roxxon Energy Corporation had forged an alliance with the Dark Elf King Malekith the Accursed allowing him to plunder the resources in the Ten Realms of Asgard. Upon learning of this, the Bank had asked him to explain his actions but he refused to do so as he wanted to have a sole claim for his newfound wealth. This resulted in Shingen challenging him by first staging a corporate attack against Roxxon before turning into the Silver Samurai to fight. With Dario distracted, he was ambushed by Exterminatrix with her and Silver Samurai departing the meeting with the captive Agger. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)

Among his newest initiatives was the creation of a pharmaceutical with regenerative properties in the hope that not only it helping people but it making him incredibly rich. (Old Man Logan v2 #33) He later discovered that someone was stealing Regenix from the Yashida Corporation and found the culprit being an employee named Touko Kenmochi who he threatened whereupon he learnt that the scientist was stealing for the Crazy Thunder Clan. After killing Kenmochi, he reported to his partner when his corporate headquarters came under attack from the Hand who were led by Gorgon with the villain intending to forcibly takeover Clan Yashida. Despite killing the Hand footsoldiers, Shingen was ambushed by a new assassin named the Scarlet Samurai who stabbed him from behind and told him that they intended to take over his clan. (Old Man Logan v2 #31) He survived and later sought out Logan in an effort to stop the Hand as the were attempting to take the Regenix for themselves by having the reborn Mariko Yashida take over his company. Working together, the Silver Samurai and Old Man Logan managed to managed to force the Hand to retreat with Shingen providing a cure to heal his aunt Mariko. However, the Regenix had been smuggled out to Madripoor and the drug had not been perfected which meant it slowly killed the hosts over time. Thus, Harada tasked Logan and Mariko to going there to destroy it both to prevent its further use and to save the reputation of his own company. (Old Man Logan v2 #33)


Personality and attributes

Initially, he did not consider himself a murderer which was why he cried when he was forced to kill the Yakuza bosses. (Wolverine v2 #303)

Powers and abilities

Even as a child, he was a noted inventor as he made his first battlesuit from an old microwave, three bicycle chains and a bag of rusty nails. (Wolverine v2 #301)

Through his watch, he could activate his armour that could form around his body. (Wolverine v2 #303) Shingen was able to fire powerful energy blasts from the hands of his armor. (Wolverine and the X-Men v1 #20)

He devised nanites of his own design that repaired fatal injuries before he could die allowing him to recover from death blows. Shingen intended to market them to make a profit but they were too expensive to produce. (Old Man Logan v2 #33)

His power and wealth meant that he was a member of the Universal Bank that consisted of the biggest corporate forces on the planet. (Mighty Thor v2 #8)


  • Shingen Harada was created by Jason Aaron and Steven Sanders where he made his first appearance in Wolverine v2 #300 (March, 2012).

In other media

Video games

  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Silver Samurai II appeared as a playable card in the setting of the video card game.


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