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The Damocles Foundation is an organization that features in Marvel Comics.



The existence of the Damocles Foundation was formed shortly after Human's discovered how to split the atom. After this event, members within both the Deviants and Eternals felt that the balance of power on the Earth had been upset and shifted due to such events. This resulted in members within both subspecies of Mankind splitting from their races in order to combat this threat. Forming the Damocles Foundation along side with a number of Human scientists, this organization sought to control or create a new species that would dominate the Earth which was going to be Mutants. (X-Force v1 #97)

They later made use of the Aguilar Institute as a front and through it they began providing aid to the people of Almost Reno, New Mexico who had been made sterile due to nearby atomic tests. Odyssesus Indigo made use of the Foundation's resources to correct these genetic problems by grafting Deviant as well as Mutant chromosomes to their DNA. Due to this, every child that was born the next generation of the populace of Almost Reno exhibited superhuman abilities. Thus, the Foundation was noted for keep the town under closer observation. (X-Force v1 #86)

The Foundation set up an operation in Cumberland, Kentucky which involved Deviant agents Finn and Weller who captured a number of children for experimentation. As part of their operation, they required the acquisition of a Celestial Gatherer in order to use its abilities to jumpstart the evolutionary process amongst the test subjects. To accomplish this, a Deviant under the name of Randy Lee Watson made use of Lucas Guthrie to bring the advanced genetic golem. However, Randy Lee was shot by a guard and the Foundation's experiments on children were discovered by Tyler Guthrie and his son Sam Guthrie. In order to protect the secrecy of their experiment, they attempted to kill the witnesses but the Gatherer ran amok and killed Finn and Weller before it was destroyed by Sledge. (X-Force v1 #96)

At the time of Operation: Zero Tolerance, the organization sought to get an agent within the government operation of Bastion. To accomplish this they made use of the Aguilar Institute once more who arranged to have Ekatarina Gryaznova to be awakened from a coma and arranged for her to be transformed into a Prime Sentinel in order for them to have an informant within the government agency. (X-Force v1 #68, #69)



  • The Damocles Foundation was created by John Francis Moore and Adam Pollina where it made its first appearance in X-Force v1 #79 (July 1998).
  • The concept of a world wide corporation consisting of shapeshifting evolutions of Humanity is similar to the Chronos Corporation.


  • X-Force v1:

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