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Bastion in X-Men Legacy v1 #236.

Bastion is a male robotic villain that features in Marvel Comics.




Bastion in X-Factor v1 #205.

Operation: Zero Tolerance



Despite his apparent destruction, Bastion had actually survived his battle with Hope as he activated his temporal drives that shunted him a few years into the future. The encounter had led to catastrophic damage that compromised and corrupted his systems with him observing the events as Mutants were being poisoned by the Terrigen Mists. As a result of the corruption, an error occurred where Bastion concluded that Mutants were now an endangered species that needed to be saved. As a result, he reprogrammed a group of Sentinels that were tasked with aiding and saving Mutants. A group of these saved a Mutant girl and led to an encounter with the time-displaced Original Five X-Men who were brought before Bastion. They learnt that Bastion's corrupted programming meant that he sought to save Mutants only to the point where they became a viable large population that flourished whereupon he would reinitiate his programming of destroying them. The X-Men battled Bastion and his Sentinels who refused to engage in combat with them instead transrelocating away from the scene. (X-Men: Blue v1 #3) He joined in a cabal alongside Emma Frost, Havok and Miss Sinister where the four sought to use Mothervine to increase the number of Mutants on the planet. Bastion and Havok targeted a Prime Sentinel base in Colombia where they destroyed the cyborgs as they along with Core Command were at a cross purpose to his own goals. (X-Men: Blue v1 #23)


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  • Bastion was created by Mark Waid and Andy Kubert where he made his first appearance in X-Men v2 #52 (May, 1996).

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  • In X-Men: Next Dimension, Bastion appeared as the primary antagonist where he was voiced by actor Don Morrow. He was an android that was the head of Operation: Zero Tolerance that had failed with his body being destroyed but his robotic head still functional that was kept contained in a secure facility. The Prime Sentinels freed him and restored his body in order to continue his directive to eliminate Mutants. He spearheaded an alliance with the Brotherhood of Mutants to get them to attack the X-Mansion so he could kidnap Forge in the confusion. Bastion then tortured him so that he could draw upgrades from his mind for the Prime Sentinels along with an anti-Mutant power Neutralizer. He was confronted by the X-Men where he used a trans-mat system to teleport to Asteroid M. The game had two endings with the good ending leading to him being defeated whilst the bad one saw him killing Cyclops causing Jean Grey to become Dark Phoenix and destroy him.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Bastion appeared as a character in the Facebook video game with his own Dossier profile entry.
  • In X-Men: Destiny, Bastion was the main antagonist where he was voiced by actor Keith Szarabajka. It was mentioned that in the past he had attacked the X-Men with this leading to the death of Professor X and Bastion seemingly killing Bastion in response. However, he uploaded his mind into the orbiting Telos satellite and used it to take control of Luis Reyes who headed the Mutant Response Division. From the shadows, Bastion manipulated anti-Mutant sentiment to bring about conflict with Mutants. As a result, he secretly made use of the Mutant Response Division, Purifiers and the U-Men.
  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, Bastion appeared as a playable card in the iOS video card game.


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